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Starting to see the cracks show in AoC

I've been a supporter of AoC since the start some years ago. As time has gone on, I keep seeing Intrepid Studios make the same mistakes prior development teams make, which is focusing way too much of the gameplay on PvP. And to be clear, I am a balanced player, I enjoy a good bit of PvE and PvP. However, PvP MMOs tend to die off quickly, due to their repetitive nature, and reliance on player driven worlds. I've already seen players working out ways to exploit the PvP flagging system, and corruption system. I've been gaming as a hobby for 28 years now. And in that time, I've seen nearly all games labeled PvX/PvP fail after around 3–6 months. Now, I'm seeing the same cracks in AoC, before the game as even launched. I know the game is still at least 2 years from release, but it's being way overhyped. As of now, I have to agree with others that have stated AoC will end up an extremely niche PvP game, calling itself PvX.

- Don't come in here being toxic. Other people have opinions too, if you can't respect that, move on.
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