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Asheron's call darktide players

I'm looking for Asheron's call darktide players from guilds like House of sagacious, blood, og, black rose, gen, and merc to start a new guild on AOC. Hit me up.


  • SweatycupSweatycup Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited August 5
    I did play with blood but not for very long on Darktide. More a alt server deal to pvp. But that was so so long ago. Did play on winterseb mostly. Might be interested will have to see where i am when AoC releases. Played with Overlord which is a pure hardcore guild in AoC alpha 1. However i play games casually here and don't have time to dedicate my life to a video game. So if that's fine with you, i'd keep a eye out where your at when time comes around. Always happy and nice to see fellow AC players around, we are kinda sparse.
  • its ya boi!!!!! Seeshomaru, and also BoBo the Cub for a time...
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