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[NA/EU] House Raine | RP-PvX | Political | Authentic | World Building | Content

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[NA/EU] House Raine
| Political | Authentic | World Building | Content |


Who Are We?

House Raine is primarily a roleplaying guild whose members have come together from several other MMORPGs with less accommodating or outright inactive roleplay environments. After learning of Ashes of Creation's development and the way the game intends to weave world building and content together, we immediately decided it would be our new home. Several of us were roleplayers that particularly enjoyed large-scale PvP elements, and that largely shaped the creation and direction of House Raine.

What's the In-Character Premise?

As of this post, Ashes of Creation is not yet live, and Alpha-2 is on the horizon. So, House Raine utilizes Discord in order to roleplay our guild's "prologue" before the game's launch. Our story takes place on Sanctus, and it will ultimately lead to the divine gates which open on Sanctus, leading to the rediscovery of Verra. In order to ensure the roleplay remains consistent for as long as it takes to launch the game, we've adopted a "season/episode" style of tracking guild roleplay scenes, so new members can catch up by reading previous "episodes".

As the guild name suggests, our roleplay theme is centered around the emergence of a noble house, House Raine. At this time, there are seven "Raine" characters, each with their own player and set of motivations. Our guild is structured to authentically represent the French medieval inspiration for the Kaelar race, including the political intrigue that permeated it. That said, House Raine is open to any and all races and classes of character, as each new entry is a potential story in of itself!

With all that in mind, what do you think happens when a whole new world becomes available to a noble house founded in that sort of culture? That's right! Territorial claims and sword wounds for everyone!


Who is House Raine Looking For?

Simply put, adults looking for a mature gaming group. We seek players of all different motivations, be it content or roleplay.

Maybe you're a player who hasn't roleplayed before, but the theme and enthusiasm make for a fun gaming atmosphere. By no means do you have to be a roleplayer to help us lay siege to a castle, protect a caravan, build a node up to a metropolis or any other form of content.

Or maybe you're a roleplayer looking for a theme, either because you have a character in mind to place in a good setting or you haven't got past the drawing board and you're looking for inspiration. House Raine, on a roleplay front, also seeks all newcomers. From knights to militia, socialites to fledgling serfs, rich to poor and businessman to beggar, there's a place for your character, here.


• Age 18+
• Accepting of roleplayers, even if not one, yourself
• If a roleplayer, understand and apply the concept of "IC and OOC separation"
• Treat other players and guild members with respect


If you think House Raine could be your home for Ashes of Creation roleplay and content, join our Discord!
Almark Leontine Raine, Patriarch of House Raine


  • SerseiSersei Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    A great group of role players! If you're looking for an authentic noble family experience, with lots of fun, and quality stories - House Raine is where it is at!

    Haven't seen one noble family roleplay guild match their creativity.
  • Thanks, Sersei!
    Almark Leontine Raine, Patriarch of House Raine
  • Update: House Raine is currently into "season two" of its prologue, and there is plenty of room for new faces! Even if formally joining a House isn't your style, give us a shout at the Discord link in the ad and we'll answer any and all questions about our roleplay!
    Almark Leontine Raine, Patriarch of House Raine
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