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How rare are rares? devalued Items in MMOs

StrytaStryta Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
You ever notice how in most MMOs rares, epics, and legendary items are given out like candy? In my opinion this severally devalues the quality of said items. I think rares should be rare, epics more so and legendary next to impossible. Even if i never acquire a high tier item i think it would be better overall if the items hold that value.



  • Agree that in modern MMO it’s christmas for every single mobs and legendary items are trash.
    Before, a sword was a sword. When it was rare you just didn’t find it. And when you found it you were the happiest ever.

    Now rare items are rare because of their random bonuses.

    It will not be like that in AOC but I’d like that one item is one unique item: without level limitation and without random various aspects.
  • Comes down to high magic vs low magic.
    I do agree that rare items should indeed not drop often. But no matter what, if you have a massive player population, statistically it will seem like it is much more common to see rare items, though not necessarily have them yourself.
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    They should be given out when deserved. Like completing a very difficult elite trial.

    What I don't like is when RNG comes in and you can run a dungeon 1000 times and still not getting the sharpened inferno staff.... (I'm looking at ESO, Maelstrom Arena early days) lol.
  • MDSMDS Member
    I hope the rarity scaling does come with an appropriate acquisition rate. Like Myosotys said loot shouldnt drop like its Christmas. Overall Id like to see lower quantity but higher quality for the drops. Lots of bad loot just waters down the whole experience and feels cheap. Plus I think having high loot drops hurt crafters.

    I do like the ability to get low level legendary items but keep the drop rate very very low for them.
    Ashes Wiki wrote:
    Certain legendary items may be limited to one per server at any given time
  • SpifSpif Member
    Since Tier 4+ refining (purple) is limited to freeholds, and freeholds are L50, there will be very little purple item crafting until 50. It's possible that city-based refining stations could have a critical-refining roll on a tier 3 and create a small amount of purple mats.

    As far as boss drops, even the info we have from the L15 dungeon preview (at least 1 blue dropped from most of the bosses) may not be valid for release. But I think it's likely.
  • MDSMDS Member
    well thanks Crow3 and Spif. I like this info!
  • NiKrNiKr Member
    Dunno about other open world games, but L2 had quite a limited amount of gear, because mobs/bosses were limited (with low drops rates on top of that), so it was physically impossible to have a ton of gear, even if there was a lot of people on the server.
  • They should be given out when deserved. Like completing a very difficult elite trial....

    I believe the OP is to argue against this - as would I.

    "Elite" trials are content that devs want to have run; MOST content that devs make, they want the majority of players to be able to complete, or nearly-complete.

    If an "elite" trial can be finished by 90% of players who apply themselves correctly, why should this grant an item to them that is on-part with an item that drops for 1 out of 1000 players? Just give them a badge/title, or something.

  • LinikerLiniker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    100% It makes no sense you call something "rare" and its extremely common lol

    not to mention epic, or legendary
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