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A question about freeholds & animal husbandry

If animals on freeholds are able to be stolen/sold at the destruction or foreclosure of a freehold, does that include animal husbandry animals?

A better explanation of what I mean is, if you’re doing a breeding project on your freehold and your node gets destroyed and your animals get taken, do you just lose all your breeding process? Do you have to restart your process all over again? Can someone claim all your work as their own because it was stolen?


  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    edited August 2023
    When your FH is destroyed you lose raw mats and processed mats.
    You dont lose items.

    If chickens and pigs count as raw mats I guess you lose them.
    Beasts of burden, mounts etc should be considered crafts (items).
  • basicly everything that goes in your material inventory will be lost anything that goes in equipment inventory will be mailed to you aka gear, furnature and all that.

    im guessing animals will be in the material side of thing and will be lost
  • I hope animals will not be unique or breeding will be possible just a limited number of times, so that taming wild creatures to be always needed.
  • I believe it was confirmed that animals can only be bred a certain amount of times so you will always need them
  • JamationJamation Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Damoon wrote: »
    Can someone claim all your work as their own because it was stolen?

    I hadn't considered this, but for the breeding purposes I wouldn't mind if they did implement a system similar to crafted equipment where the item says like "Crafted by JohnnyBoi249". Could be like a "branding" system so the point of origin is known on the bred animals. Would be cool if something like a horse got sold around and could be pinpointed back to the place of origin if another animal needed to be bought.

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