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Repeatedly being signed out of forums

HartassenHartassen Member
edited August 31 in Support & FAQ
I check this forum maybe once a week or less and I've been forced to log back in as I was signed out despite not doing so myself. I know about cookies and deleting them and having to sign back in and that's not the issue.

It just seems that once every few weeks I get signed out of the forums and I have to sign back in. Is this intended? I have 67 logins on other sites and this never happens anywhere else.


  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Most websites have a minimum use timer on login. Meaning that if you don't use it for a set amount of time you will have to provide your credentials again. While it can be irritating for you to have worry about remembering usernames and passwords, the alternative for them from a security stance is untenable. Especially in gaming where there exists a whole ecosystem that profits off of taking peoples login information and hacking accounts. Just like the game, Intrepid's web security is a work in progress and often gets updated. I recommend using their Discord and checking News, often the web updates and their progression are posted there.
  • SomethingWittySomethingWitty Member, Staff, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    Greetings Hartassen,

    Forced sign-out after a period of inactivity is working as designed. That is a security measure.

    Closing this post. Feel free to create another if you have any other questions.
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