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On release I will make a guild called snow guild

Hi I’m 12 years of age as of typing this 12+ age I haven’t decided my class but i usually play stuff like mages And necromancy so yea I will make my guild number 1 and everyone who joins will have a daily task so in my guild you have more content and this guild is PVE PVX PVP I will do a vote on witch type of way the guild is good or bad want 100 members are in Evil will be robbing daily task pvp kidnapping blood hound tax collector loner the bad of bad type guild Good will be um well mhm not Mutch let’s say preist church yuh


  • At the age of 21 you might be able to make said guild XD XD XD... let's see how long ashes takes to launch
  • Can't wait to see you on the number 1 spot someday :smile:
  • As the Release slowly comes close and closer, same as Alpha Two and the Beta,

    you might be able to make your Guild around this Winter, maybe early 2024 in January or February.
    But there is a lot of Room to speculate about any Name involving "Snow".
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