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About taverns; sound design.

NikbisNikbis Member
edited September 2023 in General Discussion
I'm pretty sure I saw this topic discussed.
Still, can't remember when.

Allow me to put it in context.:

It come from World of Warcraft.
For better immersion, put the previous link as audio, and this as visuals:
Both works awesome.

My stupid point is; I'd like awesome tavern cheering with musics & outside muffled BGM telling me I'm about to step into that loud place where people feast and have fun !
More and more as the node grow.

I feel we seem to overlook the importance of sound and background music design when it comes to civilized places.
Or, at least, I didn't pay attention to it? (Correct me if I'm wrong)

Again, I'm sorry if it's been answered: I want to feel I'll rest in that inn., listening to the fire cracking with people all around me laughing, cheering and barking out loud.
I want to enter an inn. and feel in a welcoming place :smiley:
The most of us will not have a place of their own; so Inns. will be a major places where to rest and rent a room. At least before the... tier 3 I assume? Roughly?

I guess my point is: what about the ambiance and BGM in common safe places?

Intrepid can't miss that. FF14 is mostly built and praised around it.
BGMs are not just fillers, they need to make us feel we are HERE.

What are your thoughts?
Thx for reading me :smiley:


  • if the game will have in-game voice chat, everyone will turn music down to hear each-other.
  • If I enter an empty tavern and I can hear people chatting and mugs clinking... Does it mean it's haunted or just that my immersion was tilted?

    Best ambience sounds should, ideally, build up depending of the crowd. From static elements like a cracking fire and working NPCs (back in the kitchen, behind the counter, cleaning the floor or tables, ...) when barely anyone is in, to a bit louder and animated when the room is full of players.

    Fully automated and based on what time it is; or it could progress in level of fullness as more characters are detected in.
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  • wakkytabbakywakkytabbaky Member
    edited September 2023
    if ingame voips a thing with proxy chat will def need to have a mute keybind as man there is gonna be some annoying people blaring crap into microphones especially in a tavern, it will lead to cool RP where people are excellently playing a RL instrument then youll also get the people with the background music blaring and bleeting through the microphone
  • Taverns in BG3 are a good example of ambient & NPC sound design.
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