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question about the summoner

this one i am like 95% sure doesnt have an answer just yet but i am curious about what the secondary summoner would offer summons wise like if you were to say go as a fighter/summoner would you be able to make your self like a unholy death knight who primarily has your strength come from yourself but you supplement it with the ability to summon small groups of lower level minions to overwhelm you enemy and give you the openings you need to make your own deadly attacks or would you just get like the ability to summon floating blades or something kinda like that one priest girl who was the leader of the blue rose group from the show overlord. on that note as well, im curious if heavy armor plus a greatsword in say a summoner/death augment cleric is actually more than possible to still give that feel of a real death knight type class.


  • NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    Yeah, we have no idea at all about the summoner as yet.
  • Like Noaani said, we do not know yet but there are a few bits of information we can use to make a guess:

    Quote from the Wiki
    Classes with a Summoner secondary may grant augmented skills that summon weapons. These summoned weapons are not able to be equipped.

    Quote from the Wiki
    Augments can affect a multitude of things. It can drastically change the ability itself. It can change the damage type. It can change the cooldown period. It can change the damage values. It can change the distance. It can dramatically change it from a ranged effect to a melee effect. Augments are essentially can create- they are creating entirely new skills, but they're going to keep obviously some identity with what that primary active ability was.

    So what I would conclude from that to be the most likely case is only classes with the pimary archetype of Summoner will have permanent summons, whereas for Summoner augmented classes it will be more of a temporary manifestation of the skills of their primary archetype (e.g. for Fighters a bladestorm that persists beyond the duration of its original channeling time).

    Meaning I don't think the example you have given will come to pass and for that matter that Summoner augemented classes will have something like "permanent minions" so to speak. But again, this is just my best guess and by no means a certainty.
    The answer is probably >>> HERE <<<
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