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SpankedyaasSpankedyaas Member
edited September 2023 in General Discussion
can we get a feedback/suggestions/forums channel like the one that utilize in "The Front"s discord?



okay so, having to come to this website to browse forums is inconvenient you have a populated discord. have these community managers or mods stop being lazy and at the function being able to one click from phone to forums in discord, or being able to check discord that is always open is much more convenient that having to open a browser.

there is no feedback/suggestions area on the website either, and the community managers thoughts of "They currently have no plans to add that function in Discord as they feel that their forum solution adequately addresses that feedback." is wrong. I do not know if I will come back here to this website, I don't need multiple places to get my information, just the ones is enough for me. if it isn't posted in discord or sent to my email, I won't know. and through personal experience, I have never given feedback or suggestions on forums. until I tested "the front" and that had that option in their discord because it was convenient and easy. For the AOC team as a whole, it is not enough to think what you have is good enough, especially when the solution is easy, and possibly hits the crowd that is not going to use the website.

on another note, notice the same people emoting on my question, are the same people that were attacking me on a previous discussion topic. no civil discussion, but personal attacks on me because of an idea/solution I had.

... add the function


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