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Character Customizations & Tulnar

I am a big fan of Man'ari Eredar from Wow, and would love to see a Tulnar race that resembles something akin to an Eredar. This could be a Satyr inspired subrace of Tulnar, with hooves, horns, pointed ears, tail. Also the possibility of having red skin would be amazing. I think more customizations for characters is always a good thing. One thing that I've always wanted was more skin color choices in games, such as a deep red skin. Hopefully a proper red skin or perhaps a Satyr Tulnar could be implemented in the game in the future. Anyways thank you for reading and I'm looking forward to playing the game in the future.


  • You must like the new Update then. ;) but enough of WoW for now,

    i would also love if we could make our very cool, kinda demon-like, kinda undead-like, kinda "Stereotype" light AND dark Characters, Characteristica, Traits, etc. - for our every Characters.

    I am well aware we must accept that this might not be in the Game at first. But who knows ? Rome wasn't build in a single Day : and same as that, i shall never give up Hope that we see some "RRR~EEAALLY" cool either Races, or simple Customisations.

    In a Fantasy World, about everything is possible.
  • Yes, I am greatly fond of that update haha. It's my hope to have something like that, or at least have a deep red customization on maybe the orc/wood elf. But you are right, maybe it might be possible later on!
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