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Dear ashes of creation

DarsinDarsin Member
edited September 2023 in General Discussion
Wishing you the best of luck. If anyone can do it right I hope it’s you. I hope you succeed


  • we'll probably see next year how close they get to an engaging PvX style mmo *fingers crossed*
  • Welcome to the forums!
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  • chibibreechibibree Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I'm interested in seeing the progression over the next year as well! I know 2023 isn't over yet but here's to a great 2024 with plentiful updates!
  • i know its Alpha 2 and literally unfinished testing but how well the A2 plays out will have a small impact on its success, gonna see alot of people hating on it due to unfinished stuff etc / doing it on purpose for clickbait and drive people elsewhere.

    same thing will happen in the other direction tho more positive stuff will come out and promote it that way. all depends how much clickbait and hate people throw out there to generate views and subs
  • I also hope for Ashes of Creation to " FINALLY " succeed, where all the other MMO's always failed to deliver, over all those many Years.

    I would grant it to them. Alone for the many Years they seem to be struggling to make it all right. Like showing they also want it to succeed.

    Aware over here that " Corona/Cough " might delayed it also, but " Good things take a while " - as People say. And Ashes of Creation seems to make sure it is ready when one Day, People will finally set a Date for the "finished" Game to be released. ;)
  • This game will "kill" any other MMO or it wont Succeed , there is no middle ground.

    I have high hopes though!
  • i realy hope it succeeds well, simply cause with how well BG3 has gone being a passion project than a cash grab and AoC being pretty much the same thing if both succeed it might just turn the triple AAA game companies on their heads and we might get back to games being fun rather than cheap cash grabs :P
  • VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    \o/ Glad to have you on the forums. We're hard at work making the best possible MMORPG that we can! <3
  • RatzuRatzu Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    A lot of really exciting development updates recently. Hoping the rest of the year brings us a lot more to chew on.
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