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The email address listed in my profile has changed

JohnnyHazzJohnnyHazz Member
edited October 19 in Support & FAQ
Today I discovered that my account (in my profile) has an email address unknown to me.
The account password has not been changed (logged in successfully).
Is there any information about similar “errors” or has my account been hacked? (or was there a leak?)
Is it possible to somehow view the login history of your account?
When you change your email, do you not receive notifications by email? (I did not receive anything)


  • It was ME!

    ....No, j/k.

    For some reason? The website-provider AoC presently uses has 2 major errors that will cause odd messages/ocurrances, @JohnnyHazz. One will show the email changed, while the other lets you know that "your account has been un-banned." There are constantly messages/questions on the forums, but usually a forums-moderator will respond to these and let you know that it's not a reason for concern. Yours truly had the "unbanned" thing happen - even though my account was never banned.

  • ShadonSolShadonSol Moderator, Member, Alpha One
    Heya, as Tyranthraxus noted, this is a known bug. Change your account e-mail back in your account settings and you should be good to go!

    Please feel free to reach out again, if you have any more questions.
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