[NA] Genesis | PvX/PVP | Hardcore Focus w/ Casual Chapter | Organized & Ambitious | NA East | 60+ A2

RyveRyve Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

Guild Name: Genesis

Website: https://ryvegenesis.com/genesis/

Discord Custom Invite: https://discord.com/invite/genesisguild

Discord Permanent Link: https://discord.gg/tbSpTBeBZQ 

Guild Application: https://forms.gle/9PVuV6p9PvZYwtUMA

Leader: Ryve Genesis

Server: US East. Will be going to a competitive server.

Focus: We have a hardcore, competitive mindset. We intend to be a force in Ashes of Creation, but as a newer guild it will take time to get to our goals.

Guild Size:  We will grow to whatever size we need to grow to achieve our goals. If we can achieve what we want to do as a medium-sized guild(200-300 members) with strong alliances, we will do so. But, games of this nature make alliances difficult to pull off at times. So if we need to grow to 500 or more members, because we can't make alliances work, we will do so.

Test Pack Requirements:  Alpha 2 Access is not required currently, but it might be in the future.

Genesis is a guild that wants to have a family oriented environment where people know each other, and people enjoy playing with each other. We want to be highly organized and make sure we are efficient with our numbers, and not just throw more numbers at any problems that do arise. We do realize, that at times, more numbers IS the answer. And as needed, we will grow until we have the numbers we need. But we will not grow in a way that is unhealthy for long term sustainability.

We are a "hardcore" guild, but we don't want to be a guild that makes the game feel like a job with a lot of unnecessary rules. I won't force you to always be in VC or force you to play a build you don't like. We will ask for people to volunteer for certain builds that are needed, for the good of the guild, but I will not force you to change your build.

In general, draconic rules will not exist, and I will treat everyone as an adult. But that does not mean I will not have rules. The rules we do have will be enforced. I am lenient as a leader, but when lines are crossed...you will know about it.

For both the casual and hardcore guilds, personality will be a big factor. We want people who can roll with the punches, do not anger easily, and work well with others.

For the Hardcore Guild, we are looking for people who have MMO experience first and foremost, and who have competed in PVP or PVE in prior MMOs and can provide evidence of that. For those that do not meet those requirements, but are still interested in the hardcore guild, you can still join as an initiate and prove yourself in the game. As long as you put in the time and are easy to get along with, getting full membership will be achievable and you will have a spot once you meet the requirements.

We are also recruiting and will lean heavily on officers in this guild.  Leadership responsibilities will be spread out.  If looking for an Officer role in a promising up-and-coming guild, this is the place for you, especially if you have experience in similar roles in the past.  

We are looking for the following leadership roles:
  • Recruiting Officer
  • Alliance Officer
  • Siege Raid Leaders
  • Siege Target Callers
  • Siege “Special Forces” Leaders (Controller/Ambush Squads, Objective Takers, Scout Teams, etc.)
  • PVE Raid Leaders
  • Economic Officers
  • More Roles as Needed, and Multiple Officers might be needed in some roles.

As for me, I have extensive MMO experience going all the way back to the late 90’s.  I have been playing MMOs since Everquest.  I have hit max level in at least 8 different MMOs, been “hardcore” in at least 5 MMOs, and dabbled in countless others in that time frame. My favorite MMOs of all time are Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, Archeage, World of Warcraft Pre-Cataclysm, Rift, Wildstar, and Guild Wars 2(And 1..but that was not really an MMO).

I have been a guild leader or officer in most MMOs that I played seriously.  I have the experience, and the ambition to lead this guild to be incredibly successful.

I love open-world PVP and have been greatly anticipating this MMO.  I truly believe this MMO can be the one that brings back a true, competitive, open-world PVP experience that has been lacking in modern MMOs.

While we are a PVP guild, we have a “no first strike” policy.  We will not be the first to attack another guild’s members, their caravans, or declare a guild war.  There are some exceptions to this, if competing to secure the first Castle and kill the NPCs in the Castle, we will PVP anyone that is attempting the boss.  If trying to secure one of the Patron slots in a Node, we will PVP any guilds that might be in the way of us achieving that.  But, other than those and similar scenarios, we are a reactive PVP guild.  And I have little doubt PVP, plenty of PVP will come our way with this doctrine.
We are a new guild so we don't have footage of us together in game, wreaking havoc. Rest assured, that is coming in the future. But I have produced over 150 Ashes of Creation videos on my YouTube channel, and hope to be a major presence in the content creation scene for the game. I have a 2+ hour-long "Everything Known about Ashes of Creation" video if you want to get up to speed on the game, or a 10-minute version if you prefer brevity.

Our Main Game will be Ashes of Creation, but we are also recruiting for Pax Dei.

I hope you take the time to read through not only our post but all of the outstanding guilds recruiting in this forum.  Take the time to find the guild that most closely matches your needs.  If you have any questions, or if you are ready to apply for the guild, join our Discord!

Guild YouTube Intro and Guild Meeting #1 VOD
Genesis Guild Official YouTube Intro:

VOD to Genesis Guild Meeting#1 which could help those who are on the fence know more about the guild:


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