Sound accompaniment in game locations

Greetings everyone, I personally think a fantastic mmorpg world should have equally fantastic music. I do music, it's my hobby, and I decided to offer you a short sundtrack that I wrote just for you, I think it will fit well for some location in the ashes of creation.
If you like it, I can send the music and break down the instruments into tracks <3

Listen on dropbox:

Listen on dropbox (without the sounds of nature):


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    Yooo super poggers man :o loved it! It's both calming yet energizing and I totally dig it B) idk much about composing music but I definitely enjoy listening to it haha I hope you come up with some more Ashes inspired songs as Ashes-fan-music is hard to come by. Besides for you, I think the only other one I've seen/heard from is @SticQeno (who's releasing an Ashes inspired rap album later this year). You two music people should connect!! Keep up the fantastic work!
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    @CarboN1337 sounds pretty good to me :smile: great work!

    One of my favourite things in video games is the music during encounters that add intensity/dramatic appeal. The audio is so important to match up to the scenario and situation. I'm no expert or anything so I'm not sure how to word this properly but it's also how the music makes you feel.

    Using horror games as an example, certain sounds and build ups definitely add into the immersive thrill and intensity , without it, the game doesn't feel the same. It's why certain horror games can just pull you in. That said a good head set/speakers can make the difference as well.

    I listen to all sorts of different genre's including classical, orchestra etc.

    I do believe unless it has changed that they're hoping to get Bear McCreary for the games music.
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    SticQenoSticQeno Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Dude, this is really good! We should 100% talk!
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