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possible summon types suggestion

As the title says, this is nothing more than me throwing ideas into the void that intrepid sometimes looks into so they can have one more idea to decide on to use or not that saying it already isnt the case so i dont need to be reminded that we know nothing right now about the types of summons avalible and nothing more than summoners are supposedly only going to be able to have 3 summons out max and that they will fall into the tank, support, damage dealer categories summons also being possible to take up more than one summon slot depending on its own power so a BIG boi will take up a 3 slots with just his thicc ass but he will proly be able to go at it with even max level players and keep up pretty well even without whatever possible buffs summoners may be able to hit their summons with.

Now as for what summons idea i have, its pretty simply and is one that i could see taking up 2 or even 3 slots but is a fun concept that doesnt necessarily follow "bigger means more power" idea i mentioned above which is to summon a horde of low level monsters that may be easy to kill with a well placed aoe spell for example but are cheap to summon and make positioning something you have to pay attention to heavily which is why maybe this could be a 2 slot summon of like some basic zombsters that just kinda shuffle around and smack people a bit with than you could maybe summon a evasive and still low level but also dmg if left unchecked ghost type enemy that could require the use of an ability that has maybe the magic element to 'dispell it' with of course the smallest sneeze from a max level player that has magic dmg would kill it cause its only a 1 slot summon BASED on being evasive and not really tanky, but with the horde to manage that keeps getting resummoned as it gets killed, its dmg could really build up as it pesters the target or the horde can be great in add pulls where to many enemies where pulled our even caravans where a couple of summoners with this summon could cause A LOT of confusion and use the sheer mass of their hordes to keep enemies off the caravan.


  • Something else i did also wanna add again now that im thinking about summoners again is that i would LOVE an artificer artisan skill as an expansion to be made AFTER launch (no scope creep here but just ideas for post full launch content) where you can MAKE your own summons with especially with this idea, i would love having some basic automatons which could lore wise even just be basic maniquines with intricate and details enchantments to power them with the idea of having maybe a bunch of mannequin soldiers i could summon or maybe a ballista one that is tanky and does good long range dmg but basically can barely move and is slow to attack with limited attacks to choose from or maybe a nimble assassin type mannequin that does HIGH dmg and is really hard to hit especially with moves to dodge around and basically move like a real fighter BUT is pretty much paper mache.
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