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[NA] One Sky | New2023 | RP-PvX | BeginnerFriendly! | 18+ | Social

About Sky:
Nice to meet you! In preparation for Alpha and release!
We are a NEW guild in the making for ashes of creation and we wanted to start early for this community and hopefully find many like minded-people waiting for this game to launch! To beginners only and those looking to start with fresh people I invite you to give us a look!

We want to be the most if not Immersive Roleplaying guild for this game!
We want passionate people in planning to help take nodes, strategize castle sieges, create positional systems, and most of all a thriving metropolis!

𓆩⟡𓆪 We want to also be close to other guilds and form alliances and no better way to start now!
If you were into Dungeons&Dragons, Final Fantasy, Lord of the rings, Lineage, Guild Wars, WoW, Lost Ark we are no strangers to MMOs and creating communities.

𓆩⟡𓆪 We want to build an environment where you take on positions, adventure, and roleplay the character you make and represent in the game. Most importantly to have fun!

𓆩⟡𓆪 If you enjoy a laid back atmosphere where we talk about whatever on discord and do some fun dailies together, this is the guild for you!
We want to foster a great community towards release so I only ask that you be friendly, non-toxic and always encouraging towards others or you will be removed otherwise to keep the environment friendly and warm

𓆩⟡𓆪 If you are in the opposite time zone that is okay we welcome you infact we hope to get a range of all players from many different timezones!

𓆩⟡𓆪 Garner people ordering for alpha and taking an interest we want to make new friendships along the way

Guild Requirements:
❀ Be respectful to all others. Mature 18+ Only.
❀ Staying active on discord and joining our growing community.
❀ We will be a patient server prioritizing fun! No Toxicity
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