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Node Governance Mayor

Long time player of mmo I worry that if I were a mayor my adventure days would be numbered. As the nodes grow Village, Town, Shire??, City so should the bureaucracy to run the node for example civic works, trade, security, etc. A game with in the game. How the mayor is selected by PVP has a logic flaw. To be the best at PVP to rule works for year one but if a player does well for the node, time away from questing / adventuring, skills will diminish, not to mention healers will never be mayors. The query is do good sword swingers make good logistic people. Being in many clans and guilds I have found that it is not the best players make the best leaders. As with all things think as yin yang. Kind regards, lanternboy . sorry if i posted in wrong place


  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Different types of nodes have different methods of selecting mayors. Here is a link to the wiki with a lot of information about mayors and what they do:
  • Thanks for the link. It will be fun to see chaos let loose. Psychology dept. every where will want to study this.
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