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(Question) Keeping the world engaging, PvX concerns and world pvp

DryadezDryadez Member
edited November 2023 in General Discussion
Hello! new here, been following game for a while now though. I like the prospect of this being a PvX game but my friends have come to be shocked when I voice concerns on the pvp aspect. I'm an AVID world pvper on any game you can pvp in. I've been doing it for 16 years straight. Griefing, camping, stopping people from progressing I was the casual players nightmare but, it was alot more fun when I was 15 but now as an adult I have come to find it to be far less appealing. The Griefing aspect that is. I still help organize massive battles on other games and shut some areas down here and there while camping cities but the solo/group ganking and camping people trying to quest or level up thing got stale as I stand to gain nothing from it.
Why do we world pvp?

Honestly your average world pvper is someone who loves the idea of dynamic and interesting faction fueled engagements. Things that allow you and your friends to overcome enemies who don't just use 1-3 abilities and can actually think and react to what you're doing but in a spontaneous way. Instanced pvp is great but world pvp is always changing and the tides are always changing. In an otherwise static world, world pvp is the only breath of fresh air that encourages server based rivalries and supremacy. World pvp and RP often go hand in hand whether you realize it or not and it keeps things alive on the server as oppose to contrary beliefs because in alot of ways world pvp ends up being the only interesting end game content.
Will dynamic events give us reason to help others rather than kill them?

As stated previously, most of us that I know world pvp because the world has become static and boring. How much do we know on dynamic events? Id say a great deal of world pvp advocates actually just want a world where random dangers can come at you at any moment, that's the excitement and thrill of playing an mmorpg for us. Will npcs be able to attack and siege nodes also? or is it entirely up to players to perform this act? If I knew nodes could be attacked by armies of npc ogres for example, I might be more keen on making a guild that acts a guard for surrounding nodes, give me that dynamic and random engagement i desire and I will be satisfied. Not to say that world pvp isn't welcome because in a dangerous world like Verra surely players also being the enemy sometimes makes it even more engaging but without an outlet for them to also help others or fight other engaging encounters, this WILL become a gankfest which is also fine with me but I'd like something more than that. I want to see npc events that are brutal and difficult and pose actual threat. I think end game content being a good mix of pvp and pve is entirely possible, as long as the PvE is engaging and difficult. Otherwise what were looking at is really a pvp game, with a taste of pve engagement here and there and I'm ready for something new tbh.


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