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RP Tools : utilitarians, dice & cards

Hi !

I recently took on the role of DM in D&D 5, and by dint of games and documentation, I realized that many tools at our disposal could be implemented in online games, for PR purposes.
It’s amazing what players can create with few tools. So if you give them more, they can go a long way!

Tavern games
In itself, it is the tavern games that made me think: why not give the possibility for players to have dice, cards, and game boards (a nice interface where to play dice or cards). Why not also give them the opportunity to bet items or currencies in a pot?
No need to create rules or game systems, players are free to decide. Simply a system of dice roll, collecting and redistributing winnings, and randomly distributing cards.
Works available in-game could propose rules of play specific to the world of Vera.

One thing that makes the game organic in my opinion, is the fact of being able to modulate it slightly, or to play with it. For this, utilitarian objects seem to me to be quite appropriate:
- Candles, oil lamps and portable torches to illuminate dark areas (or decorate)
- seats, campfires, etc. for cooking, sitting and fishing, for example
- Musical instruments (MiDi or not) synchronizable with other players
- Crossing equipment (rope, grapin, etc.) but I’m getting carried away
- Optical equipment: magnifying glass, telescope, etc.
- Hourglass


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