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yet again, more summons ideas.....

No matter what I do, i cant stop myself from delving deeper into thinking about the possibilities of a summoner and the possible versitility and the most recent fun thought i had was one based around some creatures from native american myth seen as that is my peoples culture and it felt like fun with one being one that maybe could be summoned by multiple people like the phoenix which gameplay wise would proly just be a element swap BUUUTT it would be the thunder bird. the thunderbird for those who dont know is what its believed to cause thunder and lightning and is a bird of impossible size who flies in thunderclouds always hidden by them but always obvious as the thunder roars and lightning strikes down from the heavens.

Another idea i had was the wendigo with perhaps variants like a freshly turned, partial wendigo, and full wendigo which could be some fun necomancy summons with maybe a small group of freshly turned who wouldnt be strong individually but would be undead and attack with frost dmg which would do low dmg only having mildly boosted strength compared to normal people lorewise but also would be REALLY weak to critical hits meaning they do ridiculously low damage and have heavy pestering potential as a small group of like 4 or 5 low level summons BUT the benefit would be they are hardy against most all types of dmg aside from crtical physical or fire with the lore behind a wendigos being the reason for that with it is said that in the winter when one feels the depths of hunger and wanders of into the wilderness and dies to starvation in the cold, they come back again as their heart freezes over raising them as an undead monster that slowly becomes more monstrous as time goes on due to the constant hunger they feel for anything causing them to even try to eat their fellow man to allieviate the hunger with as time goes on, their head morphs into that of a deer skull with no skin on it and their limbs elongate with their fingers turning into massive claws and their body becomes completely emaciated and the only way to stop them is to use fire to scare them back as their heart is frozen over and it is implied that that is the reason they live once more with also there is cutting out their heart and splitting it with an axe as the other method hence crit dmg being their achilies heel.

you could also have a dmg dealer thats still not too tanky against crit dmg and fire but does do consideribally more dmg than the first one with both taking up 2 slots to summon and than you could have a full size one that is REALLY damn tanky and does the same dmg output as the last one but with much less of a weakness to crit and fire meaning it is a lot hard to take out with this one could be a 3 slot or also i would say it would live up to the myth better and maybe be more interesting if it was also a multiple summoner summon.
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