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How often do they change the pre-order cosmetic skins? I'd love to pre-order but have been waiting for a new set to be released. Have different sets been released in the past? I'd like to play a bard for example but dislike the current cosmetics.

Thank you for any replies


  • This is the last pack. So you either get this or don't get the access.
  • Thank you NiKr.
  • To add to what NiKr said, in the past there was monthly cosmetic changes (you can see them all here: ).

    If you as asking why they changed from monthly cosmetics for years to stopping them here is the answer:

    "Why are the Pre-Order Packs ending?

    Our pre-order packs were intended to be a way for players to support the project by providing an opportunity to collect exclusive cosmetic appearances that are used in creating the world of Verra, while respecting our commitment to zero-tolerance pay-to-win whatsoever. As we draw closer to our Alpha Two and Beta testing periods, we want to ensure a glorious experience for our players who have signed up to help make Ashes of Creation the MMORPG it deserves to be. To that end, we have decided to discontinue the packs until such time as our internal and/or external testing supports the admission of additional testers. We will continue to update our community when more ways become available to access Alpha Two or Beta testing through our communication channels."

  • Thank you Skylarck. Both replies helped me find the information i was seeking.
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