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Has it been said anywhere if there will be illusion/disguise type items for Bards/Rogues ala Guise of the Deceiver in EQ that can make you look like another race?


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    For role playing would be cool.
    I wonder if the disguise should be allowed easily or unlocked in some way.
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    BeOwningUBeOwningU Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    True, disguise and anti disguise as kits for spying and sabotage during sieges would be epic
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    AszkalonAszkalon Member
    edited November 2023
    I think to a certain Extent, " WoW " has done it partially right.

    But there is this ONE. INSTANCE. and Logic missing -> to be able to use a Disguise for your Characters real Appearance,

    in a way that Players can controllable use it all the time.

    Imagine this Nonsense, that You can use a "Disguise of Sorts" only for like Ten to Twenty Minutes,

    but it has a Cooldown of at least an Hour. This would make no Sense. The only "Limit" of how often or long a Disguise can be used, should be connected to the Ressources needed to make them.

    I can understand when " magical Disguises " would have Limits.

    Like - making a slender Human or Elf look as huge and hulking as a Tulnar, or as tiny as a Dwarf - that of Course can not just be done with Costumes and a Cloak or so that hides your Characters Appearance.

    But simple things, should be easy to be used all the time.

    Anyone here knowing about for Example - the " Human Disguise Form " - from V Rising ?
    This is not a hard Concept. While in that Game, pretty much everything different from your Base Form is a Transformation,

    putting a Hood and a Cloak around your Head and Body - so that only your Nose and Parts of Face and maybe a bit of Eyes visible, is being able to get identified by Everyone looking at your Character,

    is not a powerful Magician's Trick. It is simply the Art of Disguise.

    It is amazing, how " World of Warcraft " (<- lol) didn't manage to EVER get something like this done, in now nearly Twenty Years of it's Existence. And it has been called the greatest, most successfull MMO of the whole World for a long time now.
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