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what player choices do we actually have?

event spawn to help save a caravan. the choice is to help or walk away.
will there also be events for helping the bandits destroy a caravan. will there be a quest arc for helping bandits that continues from there?
would players who choose to help the bandits be the goal of the player who choose to save the caravan?
what choices for gameplay do we really have?


  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

    What player choices will we have for gameplay? Click through this for a few hours to see some of them that have been revealed so far:

    The answer is that we will have thousands of choices, far more than in any prior MMO.
  • "Corruption in the world manifests as a result of player activity."
    Events and story arcs can lead to the spreading of corruption that players will have to fight back against."
    - options are leave it alone or fight it. if its constantly fought against and won, will the options for gathering be gone? will there be an option for players to spawn corruption as well as remove it?
    - would this result in a need to constantly start events and arcs to gather? also a time limit if its being dealt with swiftly.

    "But corruption is not all bad, because corruption changes spawners and it changes populations and it changes resources that become available- unique resources... So there is a relevance- meaningful component of why that corruption would want to be interacted with from the player's perspective. But it's a push and pull situation. That's really what corruption is intended to provide, push and pull between the advancement of society and what was there that's more feral."
    - original questions posted to maybe get more info on the "push and pull" part of that.

    i could not find much on helping npcs against npcs. seems more like a suggestion to spice things up.

  • after reading about monster coins and being able to participate on the other side of things, i hoped some events would offer the same kind of play.
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