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a little bit of class theorycraft

this is just one i have thought about after playing a shadow mage in both modded skyrim and eso being the idea of what a shadowcaster and shadowmancer might be able to do with of course their main element will be shadow and that will likely color everything but i just love the concept of how the elder scrolls does shadow magic where its about draining the vitality (not life but the stamina and magic) of your target with the damage spells but more importantly, shadow magic in the TES world is overlapping another closely related version of our reality over our own which allows for both foturne telling but also full on illusion/alteration spelsl that dont just trick people into seeing things or create fake projections using magic but overlay REAL shadows of people to either use to force people to see what you want or say for example overlaying one version of a person with a different versuion of their own soul tangling and changing their entire perception and understanding of everything around them on a fundemental level with even the possibility to make it like permanent alteration rather than just temporary illusion! :D honestly i think imma go with a shadowcaster and i just cant wait to see what we have in store for us on the possible illusion front cause i absolutely LOVE illusion magic....
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