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Hello All!

Hello Everyone!

Figured I'd do the classic intro post. Chilling in FFXIV right now but excited to try AoC when it launches and possibly be part of the alpha/beta team. Been gaming for quite a while, starting with WoW Vanilla through Wrath (primarily PvE tank/heals), SWTOR (mostly PvP tank), AA (mostly real estate building), BDO (PvE grind, because BDO) and now FFXIV (PvE heals, mostly anima weapon grind thus far). Don't game as much as I used to but would love to get into PvE/PvP when AoC does launch.

I wish you all happy gaming and look forward to seeing you all in AoC!


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    Hello and welcome! I am new here as well and also will be hanging out in FF14 (Midgarsormr represent). :)
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    A fire demon, a fire demon indeed with a fine resume.

    Welcome in the world of constant evolving!
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    Welcome to the Ashes community, Glavus :)

    Looks like you've been around the MMO block a few times eh ;)

    You should stop by the Discord channel <a href="">here</a> sometime, there's plenty of people on there to chat to and the devs pop on quite frequently too (and give us sneak peeks at stuff that's not been released yet).

    Also if you're looking to catch up on Ashes news:
    <a href="">Dev Blogs</a>
    <a href="">AoC Youtube channel</a> (recommend the Q&A vid & the new Node vid released today)
    <a href="">Q&A highlights if you don't want to watch the Q&A vid</a>
    <a href="">Helpful Links/Topics</a>

    Hope to see you in Discord sometime!
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