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Sup dudes! o/

Hey everybody! I've recently caught wind of this game, just about two weeks ago. I looked up videos about AOC just to get an idea of how this game will be and let me just say, this is the most ambitious mmorpg I've come across since Tera and Black Desert. I've watched quite a few videos of the gameplay and I the love that's already put into it. Now, when I was playing Tera and Black Desert, I was impressed by those games, but, I felt something was missing. While the gameplay of both games was fun and exciting, I just couldn't get immersed so much. Thus, I like the idea of the world of AOC being shaped by the players. I'm hoping to snag a alpha/beta key so I can see the world of AOC for myself and make a much clearer judgement on the game itself (Don't worry, I won't any bugs I come across affect my judgement since this game is still in Alpha.). If I do land myself a key, I'll be ecstatic! I hope to see you all in game! o/


  • Hello TheDankDoggo, and welcome to the forums! It's nice to meet you, and I look forward to playing with you too!
  • Likewise friend. :) I look forward to playing to playing with you as well! :D
  • Welcome to the Ashes community!

    Stop by the Discord channel sometime <a href="">here</a> if you haven't already and say hi :) Lots of the community talk there and the devs pop on quite frequently too. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Hope to see you there!
  • I apologize for the late reply and I certainly will drop by in the discord at my earliest convenience! :) I'm pleased that the devs are quite committed to not only the game, but to the community as well. It's a breath of fresh air in the mmorpg genre. :D
  • Yea, it's a nice change to interact with the devs directly rather than through Community Managers all the time.
  • A new adventurer waiting for the possibility to discover the unknown!

    I guess you already have been notified about the <strong>communication crystal-ball</strong> called Discord. See you there.
  • Welcome DankDoggo. Glad to see another adventurer has joined the hunt for the unknown.
    Hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to hit me up on discord with whatever question you have, as it is where I'm most active.
  • Haroo!! Welcome to the game :D Hope you enjoy your stay in the forums! Here are some common questions asked as well as their answers, just to help you out! :D

    When will the game be released? The game doesn't have a specified release date, but the game does have a estimate date of when Alpha will come out (October-December/Q4 of 2017)

    Will there be any gender-locked classes? Nope. The devs are trying to stay away from classes being gender-locked classes.

    Is it Open World Pvp? Yes. There is a flagging system though, just to keep PKing to a minimum.

    What type of classes are there? There are a total of 64 different class combinations, but there are 8 main ones and 8 subs you can pick. Here is a chart of what I'm talking about. Only 2 class names have been confirmed though:

    How many players in a server? We have not got an answer to this question yet :(

    How is the player customization? It will be, if not better, on par with BDO's character creation system.

    Who will be financing the game? Steven is the main person to finance the game :D Steven is also the Creative Director of the game who's bio is here;

    What type of PVP is it? It's going to be a tab target/action combat combined into one. Although I'm pretty sure that they will be making options so we can choose between the combat syles :D

    Is the game Open World? YUSS!

    How can we get Alpha/Beta keys? Being active on the forums will give you Alpha! Being active on the Discord will give you Beta + Mount :D Although the hand picked giveaways are every other week, the random raffle is also in every other week. So the easiest way to earn a key is by being helpful to the community on the Discord and Forums. (Although its mainly on the forums).

    How much races are there? Some races have been confirmed, all except two! We have 2 human races, 2 Elf races, A dwarf, and 2 mysteries!

    Anyways, I'll see you around :D Have fun!
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