How do you think Taming and Breeding should work?

I know this has been discussed before but not i'm the way that I am going to so I am starting a new thread. In this thread I am going to list what we know about taming and breeding as of late March and then tell you what I would like to see be apart of the game and ask anyone who is interested about these kinds of thing how they think it will be or how it should be. First things first, what we know so far and that is not much but we do know that taming and breeding will not be simple as in Bless where you have a lvl of taming scroll then a RnG chance to tame and instead we will have multiple requirements to fulfill before we can tame. Their will be like skills related to both of these thing and we don't know how much RnG we will have but Steven as said he doesn't like the idea so hopefully we wont see taming being a direct outcome of chance. What we know about breeding is even smaller all we know is that their will be a stable element for holding mounts we don't know if this means we can only have one mount on us at a time or whether it is just a storage facility for them. At this time what we know about the outcome of breeding is at a minimum as we only know that breeding mixes their furs and the like and don't know how the baby stats and possibly skills will turn out due to their parents. As a final note as this doesn't really apply to either of these thing but I find very interesting is that the dragon will have "strong" combat abilities and makes me think other mounts will have abilities for combat since they bothered to describe is power and that we have got confirmation that mounts wont be boring in the way that you press W and mount moves said speed said forward and that at the very least their will be a acceleration mechanic in the game and that they have their own engine for mounts which we still don't know how complex flying/gliding will be but we can hope for it to be more interesting than most other games. To now talk about what your worrying about the cash shop, now luckily maybe depending on the king of person you are the only mount related items that will be in it are different coat/fur colors and schemes. Now after this long article you either may be bored to death or even more excited for Ashes so you can skip this next part as it is my "wishlist" for mechanics about taming and breeding. First I am very happy with the way they are going with this and don't really have much to wish for but I will tell you it anyways. I wish and it seems like it that the related life skills will affect the time for tame if it is a aspect of it or the bonus stats for the tame on top of being a requirement for better mounts as I find a it a good way to keep rare mounts rare. Steven has said their will be unique weapons and gear but what I want is UNIQUE MOUNTS as that will be an mazing thing to own. As far as breeding goes I hope it will be similar to Ark where it takes each parents stats and give it a number in between them but I hope instead of that say if you max your breeding like skill it will give you the best of both parents stats and if they have special skills to get them from each parent.
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