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a fun random build concept: Yehl

fenn1539fenn1539 Member
edited December 2023 in General Discussion
this is just me having some fun as the title says thinking about what ill do and after having thought about my peoples mythology, that being the tlingit tribe of alaskan natives, i think i thought up a fun little build :D basically its a build centered around summoner as the primary and than using a mix of life and death augment summons with the life augments representing the tlingit god of creation, the great raven Yehl while the death augments would represent the tlingits version of a sort of satan style character being Khanukh, the black wolf of basically all evils of the world with this playing on how with admitily the little i know mentioning that Yehl isnt always prortrayed as ALL GOOD or anything and making a summoner/cleric whose name would be Yehl and who would summon good spirits to heal and restore order before than the evil side of themselves being the dark Khanukh would come forth and forcibly bring out the souls of the dead humans and use their torment to terrorize all before them!!! honestly it kinda feels also like maybe it would even be fun to run a merc company that in general would present as a normal merc company looking to do good but under the surface would be using assasinations, sabatoge, and even just outright murder to instigate conflict we then would be paid to help deal with :D

edit: i have decided to make a seperate build for Khanukh specficially because in my recent re-disscusuion about an idea to make an avian tulnar race with if you want you can look for it to see the details but i realized that i could make yehl for now a human but maybe one of these days i could make yehl a raven tulnar and than make a seperate build for Khanukh as a wolf tulnar :D

beyond this i also would like to suggest that with this build is the fun juxtaposition with Khanukh who would lead a guild of chaos who seek to bring down established powers that seek to chain the world and peoples freedom with them being evil instigators of violence between guilds and nods BUT they specifically do so to free everyone from their control while trying to encourage and almost enforce the rule to do the same as them and either grow strong enough to aide in the fight against chains OR if your strong enough than step up and take your freedom for yourself!

in this case i think it would be fun if Yehl lead almost more spiritual shamans or monks or something where they believe both light and dark are needed to bring balance and order to the world but just that life is the ultimate purpose and acts against life should ONLY be taken if NECESSARY with there being plenty of paths to achieve khanukhs goals in their eyes aside from the wanton violence that khanukhs boundless rage at the chains of the world drive him to commit! hell part of me now wants to full on not just make both but play both and literally start 2 seperate guilds with one for each character that legit does this with Yehl's guild being that of ambassidors between guild and node disputes who go around offering their services being summoner/clerics who use healing spirits of life and the tormented souls of the dead to heal their allies and destroy their enemies while Khanukh's guild will take jobs to aid in sabotaging guild or node caravans or even just attack them themselves whenever the oppurtunity arises or building up bad relations through the spreading of rumours of things like wars while creating 'evidence' that could lead to wars between nodes or aiding in full on battles between guilds (always favoring the smaller guilds who would have stronger abilites and techincally be *stronger*)


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