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another build concept: Ajin

fenn1539fenn1539 Member
edited December 2023 in General Discussion
ya know i kinda really liked throwing out something non controversial for once and will do it again since i just realised that a summoner cleric MIGHT also be able to allow for another build this time based around a manga/anime tho proly not as well as one would hope unless there is a specific type of maybe death augment summon with the power to take damage for the summoner or who maybe is a 1 slot summon and can do NOTHING, with the caveot being that upon the casters death, they will be brought back with a hefty magic cost making it a good insurance policy you set up BEFORE a fight but not something you should even think of using constnantly although this also could be something a shadowmancer summon could also forseeably have with it being like your shadow becomes increadibly dark as you summon a shadow guardian ready to take a fatal blow for you and rejuvinate you with the energy of its death healing you back at least a good portion.

now as for the idea, its gonna be an ajin based of the manga/anime, Ajin: demihuman which is a really good read/watch no matter what but the main things for this build are that ajin are immortal demihumans who cannot be killed or rather, they cant stay dead after being killed. for whatever reason, whenever they die they instantly ressurect and to whatever their DNA's 'healthy' is meaning genetic defects like a bum leg or asthma doesnt get healed but getting a limb chopped off or your head blown up does with the largest part of their body is where the regeneration begins. basically normal people but with a weirdly infinite constitution when it comes to SPECIFICALLY staying dead and nothing else AS WELL AS the ability to summon what are known as black ghosts... they are invisible entities formed from the energy that is expelled off of a ajin as they regenerate from a death which can usually only be summoned a few times a day with training making something like 3 or 4 summons of it basically what is the PEAK for most with mind you, not all ajin can even use it anyway. i kinda liked the idea of a summoner using one BIG powerful summon with a shadowmancer summon now that i think about it might just be absolutely perfect since again i could see it having a possibility for a small 1 slot summon that costs a lot but ONLY can grant you a revive on death and costs more than enough that using it in a fight and not in town or in your down time long before a fight would be for the best with than the 2 slot summon being the black ghost who is far less costly than the other but still costly even if it is worth said cost.
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