Hello from the other side

Hey guys o/

I think after 3 Months of silent watching i can start to introduce myself.

> 8 years of MMORPG
> 25 years old
> living in germany

yeah what shall i say...
i love mmos and at the moment i´m playing FF XIV and wating for the Stormblood Add-On :)

Even i know a lot of people here i say Hello to you all O/
Let´s have some interesting discussions and i really really hope the level of this community and discussions will stay this high and dont drop down like in most other mmo´s.


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    Better late than never lol. Pretty sure I've seen you around the Discord channels so, welcome to the forum side of Ashes!
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    A fine resume you have there! Lets hope this game will add one entity more to our list.
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