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another fun character concept: Morpheus

this isnt gonna be a named concept but more of general concept for some thoughts i have on what possible rogue augments could be with one i would haveta imagine is an illusion augment with this class could be really any primary you want with the combos im thinking of trying in order are tank/rogue with illusion magic likely would be heavily control based and really would be strongest at stopping enemies movements or ability to gain information from their surroundings and even perhaps it could be interesting if a rogue/rogue or maybe more likely a mage/rogue could even wield a spell that could even control a player and turn them into a npc enemy with the players stats and abilities and force them to fight for you like a summoned creature temporarily. on that note, mage/rogue is the second most likely to be the best combo i could think of especially since the mage we saw has access ALLREADY to the main idea behind the build being sleep magic which feeds into the theme i will layout in a sec. the last combo i think could be good would be a ranger/rogue because that would let the ranger keep their distance and be hard as hell to take out making them great for recon that needs a someone there in person which in a dungeon especially where a ranger/summoners birds might not be able to recon as well.

now the theme you could probably guess just based on the name but its the thought of a master illusionist who fights by first putting their enemies in a dreamlike state where while they still move in reality and can react and fight, in this state you can show them dreams in their head that change their perception of reality so you arent creating full on illuions in reality but only tricking their perception by using their own dreams which you let be based on the reality around them against them making them believe what you show them as they cant even grasp they are within your make believe world in their head and still think that at least everything is still happening in the world and you are just hiding yourself and making it near impossible to catch you. hell honestly a mage/rogue depending on how much the mage spells improve the possible illusion magic could even be a psudeo tank class especially for pve that makes enemy mobs attack themselves or stops them from attacking your allies AND OR make your enemies attacks or defense exeptionally sloppy to the point they cant hardly put up enough resitance to even need a tank with pvp being about debuffing your enemies and maybe even some things like being able to create and illusory version of yourself that you control while you leave your characters real body in a real location or maybe like the hologram from titanfall 2, you just send it to run in a specific direction or to a specific location and it could even be fun seeing a spell that makes it so you can create illusory version of your whole party and control them through banner lord style commands making illusionists if you ask me VITAL for guild warfare and all forms of pvp as they can decieve enemies into believing they know your troop movements or making rash desisions believing a largescale attack is mounting somehwere forcing them to take troops away from where they are needed to investigate.
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