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Base Archetype Utility Suggestions

My Suggestions
Bard: buffs that reduce cooldowns could be thematic
Cleric: a siphoning curse that allows allies to heal from damaging the target could be interesting, a withering curse that reduces maximum health increasingly over time would be cool
Rogue: arrays of poison debuffs that reduce healing, damage done, movement, mitigation, max health, and increase cooldowns would be thematic
Summoner: a prismatic amplification debuff that increases in affect for every damage type dealt to the target would be novel
Tank: an aoe mitigation buff that is stronger and lasts longer for every ally affected, debuffs that nullify damage done by enemies could be thematic


  • nanfoodlenanfoodle Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Bard DPS spec. DoTs that can be layered and weaved that also add debuffs on targets
  • nanfoodlenanfoodle Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Bard heal spec, heals that focus on Hot and AoE heals. Focus would be mostly on heals but a small kit that deals with ST heals. This spec would also take 2nd place in CC by the way of snares, lock downs like roots and hard CC's. Damage would focus on melee damage.

    Bard buff spec. Spec would focus on shields and resistant buffs that mitigating damage and buffs. From mana regen and consistent hp regen and DSs. Damage would be St DPS.
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