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Kracked Krusaders [Oce|PvX|English|Hardcore]

KhenjinKhenjin Member
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Group of friends been playing together and leading in games for a long time. We are keen to be a force in AoC and have the guild to back us and all its members in all aspects of the game. We may start with a small strong core before Alpha 2 launch but by the time it launches we will have an army. We love to have a good time but know about being serious / want to be serious and showcase our skill/determination when it comes to castle fights, etc. We would classify the guild as semi-hardcore to hardcore depending on which aspect of the game.

We want to create a large guild that not only rivals all other endgame guilds but controls a castle for the majority.
We plan on having a full sized guild of competent players for all aspects of the game, including but not limited to PvP, PvE, Gathering, Crafting, Economy/Logistics.
We currently need all kinds of players for all aspects of the game and potential leadership when we need to delegate roles to proven members.

What we are looking for:
  • Aussies, Kiwis, English speaking members of surrounding areas.
  • 18+ Gamers who want the guild to succeed.
  • All alpha 2, beta entry Backers that plan to play during tests.
  • People interested in theory crafting or min-maxing.
  • People that don't get easily offended by banter, etc.
  • Players keen to invest a lot of time early launch

What we offer:
  • Competent leadership planning to go far in AoC
  • Competitive/serious PvX
  • Organized PvX
  • English only guild

What we do not want:
  • Casuals / Quitters
  • Non English understanding
  • Selfish / Non guild focused players

If you want to be a part of the pinnacle of AoC and its PvP / PvE scene and feel you have what it takes then get in contact with us.

Join the discord:
or get in contact with myself, Noble or Krunt
Discord - Khenjin
Discord - noble9311
Discord - Kruntedmypants
Kracked Krusaders -

AoC oceanic unofficial discord -


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