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Week 10 Key Drawing Winners



  • [img][/img]
  • Can i haz key?
  • Congrats to everyone who won.
  • Gz, and GL to all for next week
  • Hi, I've been following this game ever since I heard about it through one of my favorite youtubers- Cry. I have been very interested in all the content and videos you as creators and developers make. I am aware of the weekly give away's and I haven't won anything yet. (fingers crossed) But I was hoping that their might be a chance if I said my Birthday is on the 11th of April and I could get an Alpha key. I'm turning 20 and am exited to see where you as developers take this. I've been playing MMO'S ever since I was introduced to them. I hope that this could be an amazing birthday wish from the dev team. Thank you so much for making an amazing game that has my undivided attention. Keep up the good work. -Cows
  • Gratz to all winner and good luck for next week to all other ;)
  • Very nice guys, give some good feedback! :)
  • Congrats guys :).
  • Congrats, I'm jealous :D hope it will be used !
  • oh wow i just now found out i won! saw it on i searched my email and didn't see any kind of notification or download or anything about an alpha.

    im way in the dark. what do? halp plz :(
  • Gratzi :)
  • Congratulations to me !!! Oh wait ... I'm not in the list :-P
    Gratz to all of you !
  • Wish I could get 1 really excited to play. anyway Congrats guys. :D
  • First post, and first time here. I couldn't think of a better way to introduce myself other than saying congrats to those of you who won! Congratulations and gods speed!
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