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Class changing In AoC

I realize that some of the MMO player-base has different preferences when it comes to class changes so I would ask that you critique this based off it's usefulness and not your individual preference.

I think that Ashes of Creation would benefit from using a grandfathering method to allow characters to switch classes only. This grandfathering method would be <strong>locked</strong> to players until they pass a certain late-game level signifying they have played that class combination enough to really learn it and experience it's play-style.

After reaching this thresh-hold a player would have the option of having their progress reset and going back to level 5-10 with the new class that they selected to essentially replay the game with a new class combination. This would allow players to also switch to a NEW class combination etc without any of the previous classes benefits.

Using a system like this would allow players to sacrifice their current progress in the game if they wish to switch to a new class that is released in the future instead of starting from the beginning. This would require players to actually play the class they choose in the beginning while allowing them some late game freedom. Using a progress and class sacrifice will make it a serious decision and not something you cannot simply do willy nilly and repeatedly.

To insure that AoC doesn't do something similar to FF15 where after restarting the play-through everything dies in one hit to your amazing gear features like level requirements and stat requirements could be applies to gear, features and more. This would keep the difficulty of the new class the same as the first time you played the game. Not making the game any easier for players on their second "play-through" but allowing players some interchangeability as they progress through the game and finish their experience with their class would not only give casual players some grace but add to the immersion of the game.

Overall I see this as a way for players in AoC to experience every class combination they want without having to make 200 alts, come up with 200 different usernames and rebuild their reputation 200 times.
This may be a world with consequences but nothings stopping the mage from picking up a bow. :)
Also this is the first time I've like ever posted a idea etc on any forums so if there's some special etiquette I didn't follow I'm sowwy.
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