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Archetype correlated personalities speculation

Cleric: Nurturing, parenting tendencies, nice, generous, patient
Tank: Dominant, courageous, mature, responsible
Bard: Flexible, nice, indirect, communalistic
Summoner: Adaptive, creative, flexible, sophisticated, high attention span
Ranger: low attention span, calm, clumsy, improvisational
Fighter: low attention span, impatient, simple, direct
Mage: Impatient, egotistical, demanding, competitive
Rogue: Psychopathic, scheming, rebellious, competitive
Cleric: patient, calm, individualistic
Ranger: calm, solitary, improvisational
Summoner: creative, skilled, intelligent
Tank: bold, reactive, direct
Mage: creative, flexible, competitive
Bard: communal, nice, creative
Fighter: direct, impatient, competitive
Rogue: Scheming, competitive, indirect


  • DezmerizingDezmerizing Member
    edited January 29
    Haha, my list would be almost the opposite. Based on almost 20 years MMO experience:

    Cleric - competitive, god complex, "I rather DPS than heal people standing in bad" xd

    Tank - calm, organized, probably Guild or raid leader.

    Bard - social butterfly, carefree attitude, just happy to tag along. Will definitely be the one singing in Discord. Everybody loves or hates them, no inbetweens.

    Summoner - class schizofrenic, always play "fill" roles, either altoholic or one trick pony, no inbetweens.

    Ranger - has no friends, plats at low population hours, prefers solo content. Will be very likely to have a combat pet in the shape of a wolf, bear, feline or fox.

    Rogue - PvP addict, god complex, needs fast gameplay to not get bored. Hates everyone, yet is the first one to move out of "bad" in group play. Is secret BFF with the cleric.

    Fighter - has vanilla as favorite ice cream flavor, true PvX player, is almost always cracking a "cold one" open. Likes big swords and cannot lie.

    Mage - pyromaniac, DPS competitive, has read every guide online. Died because they just wanted to finish their cast before moving out of the AoE. xd
  • VyrilVyril Member
    Chonkers wrote: »
    Cleric: Nurturing, parenting tendencies, nice, generous, patient

    I don't heal to be nice, I heal to be successful. So step up, or gtfo.

  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    Here is my take:

    Cleric: wants to be needed, deluded with self importance
    Tank: wants to be the boss
    Bard: cant play instruments well enough inrl. Pretends to be a musician
    Summoner: introvert. Big time.
    Rogue: tryhard. Wants an ez win. Rages when killed
    Ranger: kill stealer and a coward
    Mage: tryhard. Wants an ez win rages when killed. Kill stealer and a coward. Wears pajamas when going to bed.
    Fighter: should have good melee abilities to project mastery of many weapons with animations to suit a range of weapons. High hp, low def, burst atk, good mobility.
  • AszkalonAszkalon Member
    edited January 29
    Cleric: Usually a very attentive Player with amazing Reflexes, senses Danger for Raid/Group Members well. Needs to get SERIOUSLY kept in check sometimes by Group Leaders, because of running Danger of having in inflated Ego. The best "and" the nastiest People are able to play Healer.

    Tank: Was never afraid of Daddy's Belt in real Life. Born to endure. Sometimes needs strong Guidance from Group Leaders if isn't already a Groupleader himself. Knows People who could never play Tank better than half as good as him are talking Trash about him behind his back, because his amazing Skill makes them feel insecure. (lol)

    Bard: Social Butterfly indeed. Many Bards are not able to play Instruments in Reallife as well, but sometimes true Artist and Musicians also play Bards in MMO's. They gonna roll a D20 to seduce your Girlfriends, so lock away your Girlfriends somewhere when they are around. :D

    Summoner: I agree with being adaptive, creative, flexible, sophisticated, probably high attention span, too. The best Summoner is the one who fills the Gaps between the Roles of the others. Has a bit of a God Complex and rightfully so, because Summoners literally summon and/or create Minions to do their very bidding. Beware. Not all Summoners become your Bff only because you kiss their feet a little. (lol)

    Ranger: To cool for School. Doesn't sit brooding in a Corner because sitting on a dimly lit Window while wearing their Ranger-Hood "INSIDE" the Tavern is way cooler, since all the way back then when Aragorn did in Lord of the Rings. Has "probably" really good Knowledge about hunting and gathering Stuff like Mushrooms and other Stuff in the Woods in Reallife as well.

    Fighter: He is either the probably best Player in your Group, or the Cringe that is approaching. Chances for being the ultimate No-Lifer Try-Hard is high, for better or worse. Needs good Friends who insist that he sleeps enough in Reallife in Case he is a true Workaholic in Videogames.

    Mage: Beware of this Player. The biggest Assholes in Videogame History probably all played a Mage-Character at some Point. But when played by a REALLY good Person, is easily your greatest Damage Dealer of all times and will save your butt more often than You can make a Magic-Joke. Also has a bit of a God-Complex, but who can blame him when he literally commands Elements and Arcane Powers ?

    Rogue: " You find him brooding in a Corner - and gently point at your own Head to tell him to remove the Headphones in which you can silently hear Linkin Park, Sabaton, Metalgear Solid or Devil May Cry Soundtracks despite him wearing them firmly above his Ears. He even wears his Mask before his Face AND Hoodie covering his Head in broad Daylight on a hot Summerday and sighs when there are no Shadows near to stay inside and avoid the Sun. "

    In Case your Rogue has played the Dark Project/Thief Series and other, good Stealth Series', you might as well have a true Goldpiece for a Party Member with him. But beware : if there is only a 1% Chance he might be able to steal your Stuff or deceive you for Loot in a Dungeon, you better keep an Eye on him. :tongue:
  • OtrOtr Member
    Mage - pyromaniac, DPS competitive, has read every guide online. Died because they just wanted to finish their cast before moving out of the AoE. xd

  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    Chonkers admin acc..
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