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Hey everyone. I introduced myself a bit in the Tavern, but figured I'd make myself my own little thread.

My friend introduced me to this game and I am grateful! Probably wouldn't have heard of this game for quite some time considering I was pretty focused on a couple games already. I am currently playing Bless RU, waiting for the NA release and I've backed Chronicles of Elyria.

MMOs I've played are Black Desert Online, Archeage, TERA, Aion, and Lineage 2. I have played other MMOs but only for a short period of time.

I currently reside in Las Vegas, NV and I work for Tesla. When I am not playing video games I am traveling, hiking, watching movies and spending time with my husband and my dog.


  • Welcome @Ezenkrul87 :) glad to have you here!,

    for updates and any information you might of missed check out the discord @ <a href=""></a>
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