[Suggestion] Advanced Fishing

Fishing has always been a popular activity in MMO, I wish the developpers will make it interesting. I'm not asking for boats, even if it would be amazing, I'm asking about fishing mecanics. Best example is fishing in ArcheAge, you have to fight with the fish. If you could do something like that I know lot of friends who would join me to play this MMO.

I don't mind AFK fishing, but the active fishing please make it fun. I spent hundred of hours with friend fishing in ArcheAge, as our principal activity.

Thank you.


  • We haven't been told much about the fishing mechanics, however there will be boats and also in the recent Node video <a href="https://youtu.be/mMvubbX-SHg?t=3m11s">here</a> Steven mentions the possibility to catch more something more dangerous than just fish.
  • As one who uses a fishing mechanic to relax after a tough day I would like to see a good balance between one-click-two-click and ridiculous mini game.

    As an example ESO adds different baits as well as fishing hot spots. The casting and reeling in is much too simple tho' and have thought the mechanic from LoZ:OoT (follow the fish movement to keep it from shaking off the hook) would give the player some hint of the quality of fish they have on the hook.

    While WoW-like fishing derbies won't be required for me to have fun am hoping that there are tools available for players to run their own.

    And higher qualities of fishing gear required for tougher fish, of course.
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