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Spoils of Bosses

I've been pondering if only Master Gatherers can spoil Bosses for Unique Crafting Materials, can a boss be spoiled only once or can multiple Master Gatherers of different Gatherering professions spoil the same boss?


  • NiKrNiKr Member
    If nothing has changed since 2018 - yes we can. Doubt you can do it multiple times though.

    Master gatherers may have the ability to "spoil" a boss' loot.[73]

    If you want to be able to get those mats from the boss, they're just not going to drop for anybody. They will only drop for a master gatherer who is capable of extracting those resources from the creature itself... The reason why we say there's a lot of interdependencies between the crafters of the world and the raiders of the world and our PvPers of the world is because we don't want to house the capability to attain these things all within the adventuring class. We want there to be an influence necessary from the craftsmen's guild to come in to either come and participate and spoil the boss and gather the goods or something along those lines.[73] – Steven Sharif
  • I know we can and I've read the Wiki. I was just thinking though about how many people will need to get master gatherable materials, I can imagine that increase the amount you will need to farm said bosses for different craftables such as weapons and armor. But understandably if I take the claw of a dragon the tooth should still be able to be gathered "technically" Hopefully steven would be able to answer in the next stream.
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