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possible artisan skill line ideas

this is just an idea i had based on the fact that from what i understand, the skill lines system will work similarly to games like eso where there is the class skill line, the race skill line, the crafting and world skill lines, and than other skill lines that maybe could be added through dlc like how eso added the thieves guild and dark brotherhood or the psijic order. in line with that thought, i figured i would through a few ideas for some craft and some faction skill lines that could be added probably after the games full release.

the first idea i like the most is based around a spell caster that doesnt actually cast spells themselves per se but instead uses mana to create what could be called spell infused liquid/crystalized mana where its either you could have potion vials containing spells of healing or you could have little crystal marbles with spells of fire ball in them. it would be a class based around spending a lot of prep time to make your spells and would probably also be one that could be interestingly locked to only being accessable to spell caster priamries as you need to know the spells your going to infuse into the mana perhaps which also could be a interesting limiting feature with than this could be a fun artisan class to also sell these with higher level spells or spells you make more powerful in the mana stones or liquid could require matierial components like specific mana crystals in the world making it possible to make it a more expensive artisan line that can be used to give groups without spell casters magic options if they wanna fork over the money to buy em.

another skill line i feel i dont need to go into great detail about cause everyone should have a pretty good idea what it entails but of course is one i would LOVE as another artisan liine would be a artificer who can make clockwork automoatons and enchanted gadgets and gizmos and stuff with perhaps this would be an interesting line where you only get access to it with a certain amount of levels into metal working and enchanting and than after putting those levels in you can level up artificer to grandmaster.

as for a fun faction skill line idea, i mentioned it earlier but eso has their psijic order and with the lore so heavily based around other worlds, it wouldnt suprise me if there was a time protector faction as well with a skill line full of time manipulation magic with there could be the fun fantasy of being a double mage with all teleportation (spatial) augments who than also uses the full time manipulation skill line to be a true master of spatial manupulation.
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