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An idea about caravan PvP

BalinBalin Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
I haven’t watched the showcase of last month but read the mail and an idea came up. Good or Bad, you decide. Just want to throw it out there.

Let’s say a caravan gets attacked. And it’s attackers vs defenders. The attackers win. What if a zone around the caravan then became “free pvp zone”.

Or the winning attackers could be subject to a new pvp event where they could get attacked by a second group of attackers. Then having to defend their spoils.

Maybe many bandits prey about certain routes. And then they have to fight other bandits for dominance to raid in that area.

Some ideas, might create interesting dynamics.

Now I’m gonna watch the showcase.



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    BalinBalin Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Ok I watched the livestream. Sooo, I guess what I wrote isn’t so relevant. Anyway, thanks for reading
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    Pls delete spam
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