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Open world gathering/ hunting PvP event

BalinBalin Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited February 13 in General Discussion
What about hunting/gathering PvP events open world?
For example some form of tracking, trailing killing and reporting/delivering. Fixed sizes of groups or maybe just free groups( since groups could team up anyway). Larger groups could get diminishing “points” in some way since content gets easier. Risk vs reward. Could be nessesary to sign up for the event.
I guess one group could try to boost another group by helping with kills. Then in order to prevent that you could have a system that would auto merge competing teams that stay to close. ( and don’t compete/ attack each other).
Players in the event could have some modification / be exempt from the corruption system in regards to other groups.

I don’t know how it sounds. An undeveloped idea. Was inspired by the esport discussion but I realised this might not fit for esport so I added it separately.

Time to get the target (kill/ gather an amount) and come back could be in calculations of score too. In these rough ideas of events utility skills could come to various uses and knowledge of the nodes could also be a factor. Maybe you could decide before starting what you target amount is. There could be some fixed amounts to chose from. Fastest wins. Rough ideas. Does it sound like something that could be interesting? Any ideas on your own to add or develop this?

Thanks for reading

Have a nice day


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    Hmm, I am not sure about the importance of structured gathering pvp events. In my experience from other open-pvp games, gathering is always a pvp event (not structured), especially in higher tier zones. I suggest you only travel in groups and keep your eyes out for any groups of players who might want to gather in the area you are in.

    I always like to hear of new ideas tho. Interesting concept.
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    AnimusRexAnimusRex Member
    edited February 14
    Sounds like With tiered rewards.

    I already play a game that does this. Periodically turns normal player activity into events just by giving it a timeframe. I think its a cheap way to try to force participation without much effort and using a bit of FOMO. They suck like grind, but in a whole other way.

    I'm sure Intrepid have a ton of events planned, themed or otherwise. I just hope they are imaginative and not repetitive.
    The girl watched the last of the creatures die and murmured a soft 'Thank you' to her rescuer.

    The stranger's eyes lifted to the blood red cloud on the horizon.

    'We have to move. It's not safe here.'
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    AnimusRex wrote: »
    I think its a cheap way to try to force participation without much effort and using a bit of FOMO.

    But is it the good or bad kind of FOMO ? (lol)

    Imagine Players participating in "hunting Events" only in this way and Manner -> but on the Other Hand you may as well get People to join certain Groups and Guilds only because of this. Players who would probably stay Solo Player otherwise, but now they actually have a Reason to put in a Team-Effort along with other Players.

    I am aware i may sound a little bit to optimistic when i write it like that. But i always like to imagine that all Ingame Mechanics and Events can also have a positive Effect on the Community.
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