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Possible World/Artisan skill line idea: Artificer

So this is an idea for almost an entire class that is actually not a class in the class system meaning no augments but with a few options. Now as for the idea itself, it is of course an artificer but with a fun twist being that to get this skill line, you need to be a master metal worker, master enchanter, and than your choice of a master weaponsmith or a master armorsmith. your 'Artificer class' so to say is decided by which of the 2 you choose.

When it comes to what each gets, at base, you can make 'infused weapons and armor' which is essentially better crafted gear that comes with base stat boosts and or effects but at the cost of being FAAARR more likely to break under the lore excuse that the magic innately within it on top of the enchantments it gets on it make it far more likely that any damage could cause a catastrophic failure in the enchantments of course causing it to break so its like the super raid gear that you ONLY pull out for a raid cause its not only pricey to make but also pricy to repair and it will need to be repaired A LOT.

Now its time to get to my favorite part of getting into what both types can do with for starters, the armorsmith variant will be able to be pretty much the dnd artificer armorer where upon becoming an artificer armorer, you will be granted a unique set of armor that will take up the slot of ALL your armor and weapons locking you out of using unique sets if you wear it but at the benefit that you get access to all of the armorers abilities being things from an arcane blast, magic missile type thing (think an ironman repulsor blast), an arcane shield, the ability to fly, your own gauntlets becoming magic infused brass knucles that let you punch with the force of a thousand suns, and maybe even more than that. basically again its just taking the dnd artificer armorer which was already pretty much just if doctor strange and ironman had a baby and that baby made a magic powered mech suit...

When it comes to the other option being the weaponsmith, you will be able to summon weapons to take the place of your real weapons and these new weapons will be what grant you new spells from hammers and axes that you can throw like mjolnir and have come back to you, the ability to light up your weapons with magic enchantments like fire or ice magic, perhaps even attacks that let you create magical explosions, and again, probably some more options on top of that.

All in all i will say even if this idea doesnt get used, i love the idea of the world skill lines they mentioned which sounded like ESO's world skill lines that are seperate skill lines to classes but that you earn through doing various things with in this case i like the idea that different class and artisan combinations can result in these unique skill lines you get access to and hell, there could be an intersting interaction where becoming an artificer while as a enchanter or just in general, a summoner could instead grant you a augment and the ability to make infused items with the augment granting you clockwork robot summons as an option! :D
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