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Parlor Games as Esports

NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited February 18 in General Discussion
Put on your esport goggles and consider the following question:
What type of parlor game would YOU like, or at least consider, to play or watch in a tournament or as an esport in Ashes?

Parlor games are already planned as a feature in Ashes, and they will be for 2 or more people playing a game that involves both skill and chance. They are only playable in taverns ingame, and possibly in the companion app for the phone. They are considering a ladder system and possibly a secondary currency for them as well.

For me the dream is Verran Gwent. I have advocated for it a few times over the years. It just fits so perfectly. Players can travel around, find rare cards and wager them against each other, etc.

Card games make decent esports. Hearthstone, Gwent, Magic: The Gathering and many others throughout the years. Combined with a huge game world, rich lore and many ways to obtain new cards in Ashes, it's an absolute shoo-in, IMO. At the very least, I would like Intrepid to make a good card game and provide the framework for player run tournaments. A ladder system too.

I don't think dice games would be good for esports. Games similar to Chess or Go and such can be fun to play, but I find them boring to watch.

If we were to hone in on the "2 or more" part, are there any cool games that involve more than 2 players that could be used as a parlor game in an esports setting? I can't really think of any.


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    I'd be excited to see some kind of "Ashes of Creation Holdem" or any other kind of poker
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    NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited February 18
    I actually didn't even consider poker for some reason lol. That's a game with more than 2 players that many people find enjoyable to watch as well. But maybe part of the charm of watching poker tournaments is that it's real live people sitting at the same table, with banter and all that. Without that I doubt they would be all that fun to watch.
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    eSports have ruined the direction of MMOs in the past, I'd implore the dev team to steer clear.
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    HinotoriHinotori Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I love the idea of the parlour games having the esport scene. As games that balance mainline gameplay for esports tend to frustrate the playerbase and end up feeling unfun to play.
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    I don't know about the esports part, I think they better skip that, but a card collecting game with player-run tournaments? Oh yes please. Ingame collectibles only, no cash shop cards.
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    I don't like esports, and then I liked Gwent within Witcher 3 and then the game Gwent was created and it was an overcly complex tragedy.

    In AoC, I would have something a card game like Gwent, where you do quests and roam the world for finding more cards and then I would have a league, but no expectations it would become an esport thing
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