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An Idea to put AoC at the center of the Digital Economy

New Economy Anonymous


I envision a world of abundance. A world where every country is united in competition to push the boundaries and capabilities of the human race. An exciting world full of adventure and exploration as we travel the cosmos. A world where there is no bloodshed to resolve differences. A world where conflicting ideas can coexist in harmony and respect for the other. A world where different cultures can be celebrated. Even though nation states can't get along in this present reality, they will. The game theory of a world economy based off Bitcoin will prevent bloodshed. New international laws will be created to enforce this, it's a win-win situation for everyone. The nature of war will evolve into a more competitive and friendly/respectful form that pushes humans to challenge what they never thought possible and to create inventions/tools for the betterment of all. This new form of war will be entirely digital, which will allow us to come together and have an exciting future exploring distant planets. Creativity and competition in this digital realm will power the new economy, jobs will evolve. Cultures of old will be immortalized in these metaverses and preserved for eternity.


Often the values of the user base of live service games conflict with the developers leading to unnecessary conflict and resentment between them. There is also the issue with real world trading and in a world where time is the most valuable asset, this problem will never go away. This paper provides a solution for both these problems while enriching the user base and the developers at the same time. It's important to note that this idea is not viable until digital ID’s become a reality as sybil attacks will be possible without it. An example of what this digital ID can look like is the government issuing you a Verifiable Credential for your ssn using a system similar to web5 created by TBD.

Checks and Balances

. There are 5 different groups of participants in this system, Users, Ambassadors, Delegates, Architects and Franchise Architects. When everyone works together in good faith a positive feedback loop can occur creating more fun and value never before thought possible.

Users: These are the players of the game. They receive the VT airdrop doing what they enjoy. The amount of VT they receive is in proportion to how social they are and how much progression they’ve made during the day compared to others. Their accumulated VT will be accessible in a centrally controlled web portal where they can use it to vote for Ambassadors or withdraw it as a spl token. They can create unofficial proposals and cast popular votes on them to signal to the delegate(s) what they want the future of the game to look like. They also vote in Ambassadors who match their ideals with the VT they have accumulated from the airdrop.

Ambassadors: These are people who are established pillars of the games community. They may be content creators or guild leaders that have a pulse on their respective communities. They are people who are invested in the future of the game world they inhabit. They openly discuss proposals with delegates on their own forum section where they are the only posters. Their vote on official proposals is 0.2% of the total turnout and they must cast their votes within the first two days an official proposal gets polled. They also are the only people that can vote in a Delegate, it takes 5 votes for a Delegate to be elected. They can place or retract a vote for a potential Delegate at any time.
When a user applies to become an Ambassador they must make pledges which state the kind of future they are advocating for. These pledges will be visible to users when they choose to vote for an ambassador. It takes 400 million of VT allocated towards one applicant for them to be elected as an ambassador for 1 year.

Delegates: An ideal Delegate is a user with game development experience, tin addition to being extremely invested in the game. Delegates have the strongest vote on proposals w/ 1% of total turnout. They work closely with architects to approve unofficial proposals for voting and help to apply implementation horizons on them. Any user proposals they approve must receive a majority vote from the current Delegates. Delegates get elected when they receive 5 votes from ambassadors. Once elected they serve a 2 year long term and help to create proposal batches together with the Architects.

Architects: Architects are the creators of the game this system is based around. They mint cosmetic flair NFTS and supply official proposals to be voted on. They maintain close relationships with Delegates to work together on proposal batches as well as apply implementation horizons on popular user proposals. They operate the franchise server infrastructure that users buy into with LT.

Franchise architects: These are users who have bought into the franchise system with LT. They earn LT from selling their own cosmetic flair NFT's that exist only in their game world and from monetizing their game. They also earn VT from the franchise incentive fund in the catalyst pool.


Voting token (VT): This is the token that gets airdropped to users of a live service game. A single token represents 1 vote potential to an ambassador.

Total supply: 10,000,000,000
Daily Issuance for 1st year: 27397260.274

When a user votes and the 400 million VT target is reached on the chosen Ambassador, the tokens get locked for a 1 year term. In addition to the lockup, 25% of the tokens get forfeited to the catalyst pool. If the chosen ambassador hasn’t reached the 400mil target yet, the user may withdraw his vote at any time if they wish to change their vote or sell their VT.
After the first year of issuance, it will begin again after a 1 month delay with tokens taken from the catalyst pool. At the start of this second issuance, 50% of VT in the catalyst pool will get snapshotted and that amount will get distributed evenly over the next 365 days. This process will repeat in perpetuity. The total breakdown of the catalyst pool is as follows:


The VT allocated to the Architect pool can be used for any purpose the Architects with one condition. They cant allocate more than 100 million VT to an aspiring Ambassador. The Franchise incentive allocation is used for incentivizing participation in the Franchise ecosystem.

Liquidity token (LT):
This token is designed to entice liquidity for the VT, be used as the toll currency for real world trading + franchise buy-ins and be used to purchase NFT’s. When you bring user characters and item data onchain, shady middlemen who profit off botting, hacking, and money laundering can be made obsolete. In addition to those benefits, users can physically own their digital lives and receive extra value for their items and characters if they choose to real world trade.

LT gets burned in the following ways:
When LT is used to pay for NFT’s that represent in-game cosmetic flair’s, 25% of the LT gets burned on purchase.
When LT is used to pay a toll to export and import account/item data to and from a public blockchain, 50% of the LT used for the toll is burned.
When LT is used for any in game monetization made by franchise architects, 25% gets burned on purchase.
When LT is used for a franchise buy-in 10% gets burned.

Total Supply: Infinite
Daily Issuance: 273.972603
This daily issuance amount is spread across liquidity providers equally in proportion to the liquidity they provide on an AMM.

NFTS Cosmetic flair (or not):
Architects can mint a limited supply of NFT's that represent a unique cosmetic flair in game. These NFT's can only be bought from architects with LT and upon purchase, 25% of the LT is burned. Once the NFT is redeemed the cosmetic flair becomes non tradeable and is forever tied to the character that redeemed it. Users can choose to export their character with the redeemed NFT if they want to sell it and quit the game but they cant export it as a standalone item.

Franchise system

This system allows any user to buy into their own customizable game world using LT, current or old, that was created and stored by the architects. The servers they are hosted on are maintained by the original architects. Developer tools are also provided for the Franchise Architects along with instruction manuals on how to generate new content. The code is fully open sourced so tweaks can be made beyond what the developer tools are capable of if they decide to. The Franchise Architects server shares the same account structure system as the original game. This means a user doesn't have to make a new account to play on a modded server.
Every Franchise Architect is eligible to receive incentive rewards from the catalyst pool. The criteria for catalyst pool rewards are new user generation, I.E any user who hasn't previously played on the original Architect game world. The amount of rewards a Franchise Architect receives is in proportion to the amount of new users they bring in compared to the other servers. Their percentage of new users compared to the total brought in is the percentage of the franchise incentive pool they receive. The metrics for franchise incentive rewards reset after the first distribution. The first round of rewards go out as soon as the first Delegate is elected and then every new year after that in perpetuity. The other sources of revenue for the Franchise Architects will come from NFT’s they mint using the existing system the original uses. Another source will be from custom monetization made in their game however, these monetizations must use LT as the currency and 25% will be burned on any expenditure by a player.
Once the franchise ecosystem has more than 20 participants, the top 5% of franchise servers in new user acquisition after incentive rewards go out can create cross game cosmetic assets. These cosmetic assets will appear in the original game and will be linked to a progression milestone created by the Franchise Architect. The extent of what can be created and how many are up to the original Architects. Any cosmetic assets created will be non exportable to an onchain state and non tradeable. These cross game cosmetic assets will further incentivize people to create something better than the original game along with bringing in more users for the Franchise Architects.

Those who play more get more

In order to encompass the broad playstyle a unique player may enjoy, a robust system must be built for fair distribution of VT. This system will take advantage of the advances in AI technology to lessen the workload on developers. These AI systems can be built by using data the Architects already have or can collect. These systems are designed in mind for mmorpg’s but a similar system can be created for any type of live service game.

Character location AI system: This system will determine when a player is afk or doing a repetitive movement and differentiate it from a social interaction. This system will work in tandem with the character chat parsing AI system.

Character chat parsing AI system: This system will play off the location system and determine when legitimate social interactions are occurring. The length of social interactions will be logged and added to a users AI social score.

Abuse detection AI system: This system will work with the above system and flag users that try to game the system to receive a larger share of the VT airdrop. If repeated abuse is found the user will be actioned and blocked from VT issuance for a period of time.

Action: A quantifiable action in the game that causes progression in ones character - time is not a factor in this metric. Not all actions are weighed equally, actions that are harder to complete and require more subsequent actions to get to have a higher weight in the playtime score calculation than the subsequent ones.

The VT distribution will use these systems to log the daily playtime scores for each user. The distribution is split 50/50 between the AI social score a user has and the actions they have taken for that day. Every users score for those categories are added together at the end of the day and the users percentage of that total for each category is their share of the VT issuance. The scores will reset after the daily issuance but a total tally will be kept for the purpose of defining the users who are qualified to vote on proposals.


Proposals give users the ability to direct the future of the game they love to play. The types of user proposals that are allowed to be voted into reality are up to the discretion of the Delegates. When users are given this power it saves Architects time and relieves them of responsibility, creating a more positive relationship between them. In order to facilitate this system, there must be a web page for proposal viewing, submitting and popular voting for users. There will also be a forum for discussion between Delegates and Ambassadors only to discuss popular proposals. An open forum will also be available for users to come up with fresh ideas and discuss popular proposals together.
After VT distribution begins users can create and cast popular votes on each others proposals. These proposals are unofficial and must be approved by a Delegate before they can be polled into existence. Every user proposal in the top 25 most popular must be assigned an implementation horizon by an Architect or Delegate. This implementation horizon time is used to gauge how many proposals will fit into the 3-6 month batch of ideas that will get polled at the beginning.
Once the first Delegate gets elected the proposal polling process can begin in one month. In the interim the Delegate(s) must work with the Architect to determine how the 3-6 month batch of proposals up for vote should take shape with user and Architect ideas. If the Architects have some grand ideas that may require the majority of the batch they can limit the amount of user proposals Delegate(s) approve for polling. This is to prevent smaller QoL changes that may be popular from soaking up too much developer time and preventing larger content updates. When a batch is decided on between the Delegate(s) and Architects polling can begin. The polling process will take place over the course of a week and any proposal with >60% yes votes passes. When polling has concluded and not all the ideas have passed, the Delegate(s) can pick popular user proposals to be up for vote to fill the gap in the total amount of development time that was assigned to the batch. Once the amount of development time is filled no proposals can get voted on until development time gets freed up from the completion of the idea(s) already decided on. The Architects/Delegate(s) will have to decide whether they want to save up freed development time for a proposal with a long implementation horizon or not.
Only qualified users are allowed to vote on proposals when polling happens. A user must be above the bottom 10% in either the AI social or Action ranking tables used in the playtime score from when this system first gets implemented.
The types of proposals allowed are totally up to the discretion of the Delegates/Architects. Lore could be decided by a proposal as long as there’s a degree of mystery in the proposal as to not spoil the fun. For live service games that are already planned out years in advance this system can still be useful in giving players control over patch cycles for the current version of the game.

Real World Trading

The main driving force behind VT liquidity, outside of people who want to have a say in the future of the game, will be the usage of LT in for real world trading. By putting character/item data onchain the liquidity for in game assets will rise, by attracting speculators to make markets for these assets. Instances of botting and cheating will reduce as anyone can supply the market without fear of getting banned.
When the bridges from the game world to Solana first get implemented, the LT toll fee can be a set amount. However once the markets for the currency/items have matured, a % base toll can be implemented to allow smaller transfers to take place. The LT toll fee for accounts will have to be a set amount as accounts will be represented by a NFT instead of a spl token that can be used for currency/items. When currency/items gets withdrawn to an onchain state, the architects will mint tokens for each specific item. The user must undergo a rigorous anti-cheat check to make sure no duplicated/botted items get minted. A warning acknowledgement of potential risks of scams/fraud must be agreed to as well before the users withdrawal is processed. The supply of these tokens will only represent what has been withdrawn instead of the total supply available in game. When the token is bridged back into the game they get burned and removed from the supply. Account NFT’s will need to have an api created for entering blockchain addresses to translate the data on the NFT into an easily viewable format. This api can be integrated with existing NFT marketplaces where accounts can be traded in a trustless manner.
As the economy transitions gradually to the digital sphere, people will have to adapt and learn how to critically think to avoid scams and hackers who will be trying to take advantage of this new economy based on blockchains. There will always be people who are never satisfied with what they have even when the world shifts away from a scarcity mindset. This system is the best way of teaching naive youths cyber security basics by giving them something tangible and low stakes to defend against attacks, if they choose to bridge onchain.


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    RoxiRoxi Member
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    Is it to much wishing for a clean fantasy mmorpg?
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    NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer Absolutely no. In all ways no.
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    I got a Headache when i tried to read it a little. Ooooffff.

    Okay i got chronical Concentration Disorder since my Birth and i am not very trained due to being a lazy dude, but damn i can not keep up with this Opening Comment. 😅

    Ehrgeiz wrote: »
    Is it to much wishing for a clean fantasy mmorpg?

    Absolutely not.

    Lets us dominate the ingame Economy if we can - but the Main Focus of every Player inside the Game should always be Fun first and foremost.
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    HinotoriHinotori Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hey op, It looks like you're advocating for NFT's

    Do you need help in relocating them into your entire asshole?

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    Thanks but pass.
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    Yeah, if I had this idea, I'd remain Anonymous too.

    Just No. No in every way.
    The girl watched the last of the creatures die and murmured a soft 'Thank you' to her rescuer.

    The stranger's eyes lifted to the blood red cloud on the horizon.

    'We have to move. It's not safe here.'
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    DiamahtDiamaht Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Our monthly RMT poster. Good to see you again...
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    Me: Hoping to play a game with friends in a world of people who enjoy gaming.
    OP: It's not good enough as only a game, let's commercialize the sh!t out of it even before it is done! Who cares about enjoying games lets get the "fvck your lore, where can I earn money?!" crowd in here!

    Get your NFT crypto financialize everything stuff to some place that cares for it, please. Don't ruin this for us.
    The answer is probably >>> HERE <<<
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    Hinotori wrote: »
    Hey op, It looks like you're advocating for NFT's

    Do you need help in relocating them into your entire asshole?


    istg OP is secretely logan paul tryna do cryptozoo 2.0
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