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Node 4 types economic policy speculation, tax skews, export - import skews, trade incentive

Economic Node
Taxes: Lower (to increase economic competitiveness)
Export - Import: Versatile (a competitive efficient economy should prove flexible)
Trade incentive: Higher (economic specialty incentivizes economic action)
Scientific Node
Taxes: Higher (to fund the best crafting infrastructure)
Export - Import: Import (to either develop infrastructure and/or attain refined materials to craft)
Trade incentive: Higher (crafting incentivizes trade and trade can help develop and fund infrastructure)
Religious Node
Taxes: Versatile (lower taxes can attract players and create a competitive economy, devout players will be more willing to pay taxes for infrastructure)
Export - Import: Diplomatic, often export heavy (religious and diplomatic influence incentivizes economic policy to follow suit)
Trade incentive: Diplomatic (religious and diplomatic influence incentivizes economic policy to follow suit, punish heretics)
Military Node
Taxes: Low during peace (competitive economy, lower taxes incentivize players to join), high around war (military specialized infrastructure could be advantageous)
Export - Import: Export (reliable economy for war, improved diplomatic influence)
Trade incentive: Lower (warmongering reduces trade, lack of economic specialty)
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