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Character Creation - import/export functionality!

This would be an awesome feature to be added to the AoC character creation screen.

After fiddling for 30 minutes and finally achieving a great character visual, exporting it to a template is the next step.

What I'm thinking:
- generating a template, stored as a file in the install folder;
- easily import said template on a different install/client

500% Brain mode:
- generate a template as a sequence code and copy-paste that in the client UI where you want it imported in;

These Importing/exporting methods can also be used for transmog purposes, with an added feature of highlighting the missing pieces that players need to farm in order to achieve the full tmog set.

Challenges + tmog addon all in one, ty mam!


  • AszkalonAszkalon Member
    I am a bit confused. For what Reason exactly do Players need this ?

    To for Example copy-paste a nice-looking Character from the Customisation from PC to Console or the other way around ? Please forgive as the Confusion is real. I am missing something here.
  • PyrololPyrolol Member
    This just sounds lazy
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I fully expect the character creator to have a save/load feature. Or import/export. It doesn't make sense not to have it, considering the detail and customisation we'll have.

    I also expect people to make it into a little metagame to create very cool looking characters of different races and sharing them on websites and what-not. Competitions maybe even. Intrepid should 100% lean into that, because it's a great marketing tool.
  • HinotoriHinotori Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Naraka: Bladepoint does this with QR codes.

    People make shrek characters or Asian pigmen and John wick and export the QR code so people can copy the style.
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