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Suggestions for Objectives in the to-be Node Wars

TyranthraxusTyranthraxus Member
edited March 8 in General Discussion
The wiki still doesn't have a lot of info about the to-be Node Wars; Details would be public, before such a system was ready for deployment, so yours truly just thought to put out some suggestions for the presently-unclear "objectives" that the page states will be involved.

For anyone who didn't know previously, there are conditions to be aware of, for Node Wars:
= They'll typically only be on the borders of the 5 Zone-of-Influence "kingdoms". You *might* see occasional ones between non-bordering Nodes, but any groups will need to travel through other territories to reach objectives in the enemy Node. Also,
= You can't fight any of the other Nodes in your own Zone of Influence(at least the way I read it).
= The objectives will only be active during your specific server's "prime-time" hours. The wiki presently shows Intrepid's prediction of 3pm-9pm local time, but that the window needs testing.

This information ties into my "capture-the-flag"-type of suggestion. Node War objectives won't exist 24/7, as to ensure guilds have equal access, despite their size and nationalities.

Motte-and-Bailey Assault/Defense: Best 2-of-3 rounds in which a temporary defensive emplacement spawns in a Node's territory, between its town and the neighboring Node. There might be 2 at once so each side has one, or there might just be one that each side either destroys/defends. Perhaps a build-phase for 30 minutes to see how strong the mini-fort would be, and a 30-minute combat phase. Am not thinking of anything larger than a player-Freehold(motte-and-bailies are usually just a wooden tower with a small ring-shaped wooden wall around it).

Caravan-Crossings: The Nodes put forth their most combat-worthy Caravan pre-build by a certain start-time. The speeds are matched and driven by an NPC, so that they will cross at the mid-way point at the same time. Initial attacks run ahead, giving some early action - and the battle naturally climaxes when the two wagons cross on the road. The Caravan that ends up with the most-health/lives the longest wins the objective point.

Brigand Support/Elimination: 5 or 6 groups of NPC brigands spawn in each Node, in random locations outside the town. The opposing teams need to *either* be the first to eliminate every NPC from these mobs around their own Node or loot supplies from the 1st group they kill and try to reach the group-leader NPC of an as-yet killed brigand group in the enemy Node. It would be significantly faster to supply the enemy brigands, BUT you'll need to find a living group of them over in the enemy's Node AND protect the 1 person carrying the supplies - whom has a special icon/highlight above their head, while doing so.

Classic Capture-the-Flag: Pretty much what it sounds like. A "flag"-item spawns at a waypoint an equal distance between the two Node-towns' nearest gates. This might not be perfectly on the border, but ensures an equal distance to travel for both sides. The biggest battle erupts before and at the generation of the flag, around the waypoint. Players aren't given the exact waypoint ahead of time - but knowledge of your Node pays dividends, in that the locals should know *about* where this point is. The 1 flag-carrier moves at a slowed pace, and the objective might rotate: Reach the enemy gates with the flag, or carry it back to your own gates or even a point north or south, so that everyone's respawns have the same distance to travel back from their Node-town.

Did I miss any basics/opportunities, given the game-mechanics we know about at this point?


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    NiKrNiKr Member
    edited March 8
    Yeah, I'd expect/hope for smth like this.

    Stuff like "go collect and transfer a particular resource from the enemy node" could also be good. A 2-in-1 goal of fuck over your enemy and boost yourself.
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    PawketsPawkets Member
    I had posted on this as well. I would like to see something similar to Fat Princess, while FP is in battle they have engineers who will gather lumber to help bolster weapons/defenses or research upgrades during battle. I would like to see where the people defending the node (even the non-pvp oriented) have a place and purpose. Where by them doing a somewhat typical pve run (they may be pvp'd on the journey as they are under attack- and some pvpers may be allocated to help protect if that defense is needed priority) but, if they gather resources to help protect the node they get some sort of bonus from doing this besides preserving the node.

    There are even some people like me (I love to pvp) -- but if I knew the resources were more valuable than killing, I might rather run a "danger gather run" for some resource needed for the battle, than just fight for the purpose of pvp.
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    AszkalonAszkalon Member
    Probably somewhat unpopular Opinion of mine - > but i believe "not" ... ... ... ;)

    Can we Please get to see - and test - a War between two Nodes - in the Alpha Two ?

    Because honestly Nodes are kinda what i am most interested in, even more so than i am interested in the different Classes. Please forgive me for being a Traitor to the Classes, lol.

    I hope we get to see - test - and hence of Course, gain more Information about economical Caravans between Nodes, how Nodes in War wich each other might decide to ambush them for strategic Reasons,
    and how the Sieges between these Nodes will look and happen.

    The Hunger for more is real. Knowledge, ingame World, etc. Enlighten us, World of Verra. :sunglasses:
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    I liked the Motte-and-Bailey Assault/Defense and the Classic Capture-the-Flag as war events.

    Also, I think there should be ongoing goals that run 24/7, but they should be simpler in nature. For example:
    • Harvesting resources in enemy territory, like wood, minerals, or gathering flowers, to make their home look like Mordor and make their land baren
    • Player kills throughout the week
    • Stealing items from the other node, such as an item from the enemy mayor's table. The ultimate capture the flag mission: steal the mayor's goblet
    • Destroying enemy caravans.
    PvE means: A handful of coins and a bag of boredom.
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    Arya_YesheArya_Yeshe Member
    edited April 3
    Event: Disrupting the War Efforts

    Imagine an event where a mayoral caravan travels from point A to point B, carrying crucial supplies for attack and defense. These supplies could include materials for building siege weapons and other essential resources.

    Let's say this event will be scheduled on a Wednesday. For 30-40 minutes, one node will be on the offensive while the other node protects the caravan. If the caravan successfully reaches its destination, the caravanning node gains certain advantages during the upcoming siege (whether they are defending or attacking, the resources will be available). Attackers can opt looting for themselves or leaving loot for the node. Then, the roles will reverse, and the other node will take its turn in the assault.

    This event should consider the possibility of both nodes having their caravans destroyed or even both caravans succeeding in reaching the destination.

    I like the idea of having a series of events for the war and they generate a chain of reaction.
    PvE means: A handful of coins and a bag of boredom.
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