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The Hidden Division | PvX | Active Discord | Processers/Crafters Wanted

justintheBFGjustintheBFG Member
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NA Central/Western time zone. PvX Casual Any Race Any Class
About Us
We are a new guild looking for chill and relaxed players that plan on playing the game seriously but understand life comes first. Almost every member will be participating in the Alpha 2 and Betas. Were looking to have a lot of fun while playing AoC while upholding a strong foundation in the world as one of the top guilds in the server. So if you're interested in joining a clan that's chill and laid back but will be fully into the game that's us join the discord link below and come say hi.
‣Assist and Hold Castle level node and support allies in developing surrounding nodes.
‣Clear all Dungeons/World Bosses
‣Craft Epic Gear
‣Support each other and our allies
‣Best in class Ships and Caravans
‣Mount Breeding
‣Best in class Recipes/Ingredients
Currently looking for:
‣All types of classes are welcome! Support classes and Tanks are very welcome at this moment.
‣Players interested in the Processing artisan type are in need as well. (Metalworking, Stone Crafting, Tanning, Lumber milling)
‣Setting up to be very self sufficient and to assist our allies as much as we can.
‣Shipwrights looking to follow a determined Captain.
⁍1st mate
⁍2nd mate
⁍Chief engineer
⁍Treasure hunters!
Lord of Bones-Chin#6321
Eminence of the Sea-JustintheBFG#6715
Beast Master-TheCreeker1#9597
The Brew Master-Arch3Duke#9420
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